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    • [On "Studio 60"]
      D.L. Hughley: You know, when I did the pilot, it was the best thing I'd ever seen. Three episodes in, I knew we were in trouble. I thought we took that stuff a little too seriously. We talked about how brilliant these guys were, but we never demonstrated it. If you go to a great restaurant, you don't want to know how they make steak, you just want to eat.

    • [Was he surprised that "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" was canceled]
      D.L. Hughley: No. I think that like most things that are highly touted—the number-one draft pick—we crumpled under the weight of expectations. I think that's a fairly common phenomenon.

    • [What does he think of people who protest his comedy act]
      D.L. Hughley: I think they're clowns. In this country, 93 percent of black people are killed by other black people. One in three black people in this country can't read right now. There are more black men in jail than in college. AIDS is growing in the black community at an unprecedented rate. And you're worrying about what a comedian is saying? If you're an activist, do something about the [expletive] that you claim is important! Me saying or not saying something is never going to change our station in the world.

    • [On the Rutgers Women's Basketball team, following the Don Imus incident]
      D.L. Hughley: Them are some of the ugliest women I've ever seen in my whole life.

    • [On the comments he made about Rutgers Women's Basketball team]
      D.L. Hughley: Let's be real. I don't know many men who think female basketball players are attractive. And so what? Being ugly don't mean you bad! So everybody's beautiful? Everybody's smart? Everybody's warm and loving? How could I be a comic if that was what I talked about? I don't live in that world. I'm a comedian. I cuss and drink, and I go to clubs where people smoke, cuss, and drink. All I do is make people laugh while they're eating chicken wings and drinking Budweiser.

    • [On why he did "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"]
      D.L. Hughley: To wash the taste of Soul Plane out of my mouth. I really needed that.