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  • Seriously. One funny, original girl. What's the deal?

    Okay, perhaps I'm a little biased. I've had the good fortune of seeing Dagney perform onstage as well as in TV and Movies. You know who comes to mind? Carol Burnett - although comparitively, Ms. Kerr is far more attractive in her prime. But a moot point - funny is funny. And Dagney is funny.

    Living in Los Angeles, I saw her original variety show called HOLIDAY FEVER recently... someone NEEEEEEEEEEEEDS to give this girl a show. Writes. Sings. Dances. Makes people laugh. I'd LOVE to see this FEVER show on TV. It is this great sort of homage to all of the cheesy variety shows from Television history, with a smart contemporary twist (thus, the Carol Burnett comparison).

    The roles she's had on TV - like on Buffy and Desperate Housewives (where I first became aware of her) - are only scratching the surface. There's a lot more there.

    Plus, she's not a jerk (at least she wasn't a jerk to me when I came up to her gushing after seeing her in person). And she gets genuine laughs without resorting to being crass, juvenile or offensive. Quite a neat trick.

    Funny AND nice? Say it ain't so!!!

    I'm rooting for you, Dagney!!! You're an original.