Daisuke Asakura





11/4/1967 , Asakua, Japan

Birth Name




Daisuke Asakura, born November 4th 1967, is best known for his work in the two man band AXS (who were formed in 1991 and broke up in 1995) popular for its 'homosexual' fanservice.

Asakura, was raised learning the family business of plumbing, even studying to refine the art, and graduated.

At the tender age of 10 Daisuke was began playing the electronic organ (Electorne) made by Yamaha, and at 16 he was introduced to the synthesize, which he mastered.

Not only has Daisuke worked in the band AXS, but he has also work for others, such as ICEMAN (Who broke up in 2000)(who's song Shining Collection was used in the Gravitation OVA 'Lyrics of Love')as well as working with T.M Revolutions and pop singer Kotani Kinya (Who performs the singing voice of Shiuichi Shindou, in the anime Gravitation) and being apart of the production group MAD SOLDIERS along with fellow ICEMAN band mate Kenichi Ito.
He also had a solo career with releasing many PV's. And more recently releasing the series of albums 'Quantum Mechanics Rainbow'.

Daisuke produced the music for the anime series 'Gravitation' as well as its OVA 'Lyrics of Love'. He performed in all of the songs featured on the series soundtrack, and wrote most of them.

Not only is Daisuke famous for his career as a perform, but he is also famous for producing

His sexuality is unknown, though he was rumoured to be dating Hiroyuki Takami, and the break up of AXS was blamed on a 'break-up' however nothing was proved.

When AXS reformed online almost 15 years since forming. It was so popular that the server that was hosting it crashed.

Since then the band have being touring without a label.

And are supposedly still making music to this day.