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    • Music Daisuke has been involved with in the past has spanned over many genres, from pop, techno, rock, dance and many others.
      Coasting through these genres flawlessly, Daisuke makes all his music magical and unique.

    • It was Daisuke who discovered Takanori Nishikawa (T.M Revolution) from his v-kei band Luis Mary .

    • Daisuke's blood type is A.

    • Daisuke weighs 110 lbs and is only 5'6". Because of this he has been known to wear womens clothing.

    • Daisuke spent some time working with Takanori Nishikawa, as T.M Revolution, writing and producing for him, also appearing a a couple of T.M Revolution's PV's, even though it was considered Takanori Nishikawa's solo project.

    • Daisuke is a work-a-holic keeping absurd working hours, and often forgetting to eat.

    • Daisuke may seem sweet and innocent with his cute face and childlike love of dIsney and Mickey Mouse, but he hides a sharp intelligence and use of questionable business ethics.
      With the power and cunning to destroy ones's career if it meets his needs.

    • Daisuke is also known and credited as 'DA'.

    • Daisuke Asakura makes up part of MAD SOLDIERS along with Kenichi Ito. They like to go by the names Scorpion (Asakura) and Snake (Ito).

    • Daisuke is famous as a composer, producer, mixer, keyboardist, and vocalist.

    • Most of the music for Gravitation (excluding songs that appeared on later drama albums) were written, performed or produced by Daisuke Asakura. Also appearing in many of the performances is former ICEMAN band mate Kenichi Ito (K-ITO)

    • Although his sexuality is still not confirmed. Daisuke has been rumoured to have dated both Komuro Tetsuya (well known producer) and Hiroyuki Takami (AXS singer)

    • Daisuke's best known work has been on the Anime series Gravitation where he produced the soundtrack. It is often forgotten that there are actual bands behind the music in the series, and his work is not often credited.

    • The character of Tohma Seguchi (from the Gravition anime) is rumoured to be based on Daisuke Asakura, as at the time of creating it Maki Murakami was a huge Daisuke fan, and he also worked on producing the music for the anime series.

      Both Tohma and Daisuke share some similar traits ie. blond hair, producers and are both keyboardists (for popular japanese bands)

    • Daisuke loves dogs, and calls his dogs, his 'fair haired children'.

    • His real eye and hair colour are both black. He often wears blue contacts and has bleached blond hair.

    • Daisuke wrote and produced the song 'Heart of Sword' heard in the anime 'Rurouni Kenshin' with T.M Revolution.

    • Daisuke is obsessed with Disney and more so with Mickey Mouse. According to TMR Daisuke has been known to scream out Mickey at rather 'inappropriate' times.

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