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    i just read that piece of trivia about dakota and kathy griffin and it was so dumb, little girl is probably used to people talking about her and grififn is a comic, ugh i hate sensitive people
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    [2]Oct 23, 2008
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    True, but you have to remember, also, that Dakota was only 10 at the time, and comics tend to go over the line sometimes. To me, it's not appropriate to make a joke like that about a little kid.

    Also, unlike so many child stars from the past and present, Dakota doesn't live in Hollywood, and she never did. She has a separate life with her family, so she can lead somewhat of a normal childhood when she is not making movies. I think her parents have worked really hard to protect her as much as they can, and when they hear stuff like that, it's natural for them to get upset. The way the world and the tabloids are right now, people would be very quick to buy into those types of rumors. Look what happened to Dakota in the fall of 2008, when a news article surfaced about her being a spoiled, naughty, uncooperative "diva" on the film set of "Winged Creatures." That was just another classic example of the media being starved for a dirty story to publish about her. That's the ugly downside of fame, I guess...

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