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  • She is a very talented and intelligent kid and I hope to see her in more movies.

    I Love Dakota Fanning! OMG she is so adorible and such an awsome actriss! She is one of my fave stars ever. I loved her in Hide and Seek! She did suck an awsome job! She is a very talented child. I plan on seeing war of the worlds, and she happens to be in it.
  • A young actress who seems to act like a adult and is more mature than any other young person I know.

    Dakota Fanning is one of the talented Actress I know. When I first saw her I was like wow this young girl can really act. I want her to win a Emmy and a Oscar because she is the only one that I think deserves an award. Good Luck Dakota.
  • Dakota Fanning a young childstar who will be a big movie star when she becomes older. She is talented and mature for someone so young. She is a really talented and strong actress whom we will see and hear about in the near future and probably more years t

    This girl is really talented. I remember seeing her in "I Am Sam" and she really did a good job of portraying Sean Penn's daughter in that movie. She makes her characters so real and believable. I also liked her when she did that movie with Denzel Washington "Man on Fire" and that movie with Brittany Murphy "Uptown Girls". We'll hear more from her in the near future.
  • One of the most talented child actresses known to man!

    Dakota Fanning is an amazing young actress. Her portrayal of Lucy in the movie "I am Sam" is one that few child starts could pull off. Having to play a character whose father was mentally handicapped was emotionally challenging but that's no problem for Dakota! Her performance as Rae (Lorraine) in the movie "Uptown Girls" was a mature role that she made her very own. Also,her latest released film role in "Hide and Seek" was challenging as well as she played the troubled yet eerie Emily. Now she is working on several films and we know that they will be just as great as her firsts. Dakota outshines many child stars in today's media culture and I'm sure that she will continue to deliver great performances in the near future.
  • Talented!

    Dakota is definatly talented! Her and Sean Penn's work in I Am Sam made me cry through the whole movie!
    She's SO lucky to be in so many movies at such a young age! I'm kind of jealous, LOL!
    She's just a very talented actress and she know's what she's doing at all times!
    I would expect her to be like any other child actress and be shy in front of the camera, but no way. I give two thumbs up for all her hard work and dedication to her acting career. She definaty has a career ahead of her!
  • Dakota Fanning is vErY talented!! Think of how many movies she\'s been in! Goodness! Then check her age! And on top of that, she\'s got a talented little sister following in her footsteps!

    Dakota\'s a wonderful actress, she\'s my favorite. Even though she\'s young, she\'s really talented. I think my favorite performance of her\'s is either in I Am Sam or Man On Fire. I haven\'t seen all of her movies yet but from the ones I have seen, she\'s very talented. She\'s a role model for lots of young girls around the US and she\'s well-known. I believe she\'ll continue acting throughout her life since she seems to enjoy it and I would enjoy seeing her in several more films!
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