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  • She's in "War of the Worlds" (which I want to see). She stars in "Man on Fire" and this fall, she's going to be in this true story "Dreamer."

    Dakota Fanning, boy she sucks. I really don't like her at all. I think she's the worst girl actresses I've ever seen! If you want a better kid actress, get attracted to Annasophia Robb. If anyone ever has a problem with this crap, please e-mail me on Shrek2519@aol.com. Dakota Fanning is so awful and Annasophia Robb is better, and cuter, so bye, Dakota fans.
  • Oh No

    Lets see...Dakota Fanning. Way too overused.I really don\'t like her. Am I the only one that sees a 12 year old trying to act like a 20 year old? It shows, and not in that \"cute, she\'s mature for her age\" way either.The\"she\'s trying way too damn hard,for her age\" way. Everytime I see her in a news article or magazine I skip automatically. She\'s cute ,but she\'s no better than AnnaSophia Robb or Abigail Breslin, who, by the way, are much cuter and likable than Dakota. I loved her performance in Uptowngirls but now seeing her everywhere is getting really annoying
  • The very mention of Dakota Fanning's name often turns me off of watching something completely lately.

    There's no doubt, Dakota is a talented litte girl. But I find Hollywood beefs her up so to speak way too much. I can't even listen to her name being called without hearing "precious dakota". This is a little over the top, I mean she's 12 years old! Another thing is, they want her for the box office money so bad, they are willing to put her at risk and also the character. In Hounddog, she is supposed to be a 9 year old girl getting raped. She is only 12, and they are to show her nude. Her parent's publicly even said "This is a great way for Dakota to get her first oscar" that's when she gets overused. It's when parents make public assumptions, and people think she's god or something and can play any role. They are even suggesting her to play a 14 year old in 2007, when she's playing a 9 year old this year. If she's playing 3 years younger this year, can she really play older when they film late this year? I doubt it. She's way overused to the point of being annoying.
  • This girl is talented, but is way too used....

    She is a wonderful actress, but used in almost everything to a point where people have gotten a little sick of her. I have not, but many of the boards I find have spiked her and cursed her many times due to her overusing. I believe that if they actually casted based on finding new talent and not just talent that is already there, that they could find another girl just as talented. Juliet Goglia and AnnaSophia Robb are close behind, and I find the only reason people say she's the best is because she has little competition in quanity, not just in talent. So, she is good, but over rated and over used.
  • I hate this little brat.

    She was born and raised in Georgia. She was born on Febuary 23 1994. I this spoieled brat!She stared her career when she was cute and little and thats why she got all he roles in movis but now shhe is a rich spoiled girl who still can not act! She starred in movie such as, Dr.Seusses The Grinch with Mike Myers, War of the Worlds with Tomcruise and much much more. This girl never could act she only got in movies because she was cute 5 or 6 years ago. I hope people can agree with me on this that she is a brat.
  • The very mention of Dakota Fanning's name often turns me off of watching something completely.

    I've not seen much with her in to completely judge her acting ability, but as I selected in the classification, she is highly overused. For example, I wanted to see something on TV today, yet decided not to when I found that Dakota was in it. I believe that no child her age can truly act well, and that she's only being used when TV shows and movies need an actress her age, and it's better using her, because she's famous. In a few years, I think there's a high chance of her becoming the next Lindsay Lohan - and I don't mean that in a positive view.

    If you're a fan of her, fine. But there's something about her that I just don't like.
  • Too spoiled and overused

    Dakota can really act well but she was used in too many movies and tv shows and she's spoiled rotten all thanks to those stupid directors.Now every single director whenever they hear of her their like OH MY GOD I WANT HER IN MY MOVIE!.She's also too overrated like everyone loves her and thinks she should be the star of everything but she what she needs is a long break.
  • empty

    You have got to hand it to Dakota Fanning. Before she has even become a teenager, the girl has done it all. She's probably one of the most prestigious children her age. And she deserves all of the credit she gets as she is a wonderful actress and will hopefully continue her brilliant career as an adult.
  • empty

    Dakota Fanning is a wonderful child star. The movies are crappy but she still has talent. I give her a 3.5 star rating out of 5.
  • I used to like her at the beginning of her career.

    Now, she seems to be in too many movies. I have to give her some credit because she is a good actress, but she is just too OVERUSED. If I saw Hide and Seek in a few years, I would not be scared and think that it was not even close to being a good movie. Having people in too many movies and tv shows makes them less and less special. In a few years, what will we have? Maybe a person that has lost her specialness over the years. And also, she might not try so hard to get cast as parts in shows and whatnot, because she was in sooo many things. That's just my opinion.
  • She's cute, but something turns me on about the little 12 year old.

    She's cute, but something turns me on about the little 12 year old. I don't really know what it is. I know she was Fern in the 2006 movie Charlotte's Web. She was good, and she is really cute, but I just don't know what turns me on about little Dakota. I agree with girlygirl411 about how overused she is, but don't think it's necessary to give her a 1. I mean, that's my opinion. People can have any opinion they want, but in my opinion Dakota should focus more on school and stuff and save Hollywood as a side thing.
  • I have so much in common with her

    I like Dakota Fanning a lot, because I have so much in common with her. Especially concerning my appearance... I have as well fair blond hair, big eyes (even if mine are a mix of green, blue, grey and brown), a great smile and this very fair skin...

    We are also sharing the passion for acting...All the friends of my adoptive parents are telling them to get me to an agency in LA/Hollywood, because they think I'm very talented. But my "parents" won't let me and they are telling me that they want only the best and a "normal life" for me...

    The only time I was able to act in a group was when my "dad" had a job in Mexico City and I went to school there. I joined Drama Class and got one of the main parts...Everyone was telling my "parents" I was a "second Dakota Fanning" - even if I felt hornored I also think that's ridicolous. Unlike Dakota Fanning I will never be able to become an actress - at least not until I'm grown!

    However, she is the only reason why I don't hate my middle name "Dakota"...!
  • Really talented girl!

    This girl is seriously talented and awesome, but I have heard people say that she acts too much of an adult and that she has an adult's head and kid's body (my parents said this, and so have other people.) I only think this a little bit, if you ask me I think she's great. I love all the movies she's in and I think she did a WONDERFUL job in all of them. Dakota Fanning is probably going to be even more of a star when she gets older, atleast that's what I think. I wish this girl good luck and I hope she appears in more movies.
  • empty

    I think that for a child of her age, it would be an honor to be working on so many movies, and with a lot of actors. Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken, Tim Robbins, well a lot of good actors she has work with, and I think that she is a great, talented girl, who will become one great star. She is very famous now, even though she is like... 12? I like her style, and I know that she is going to become one great actress in the future.
  • Dakota Fanning is a very good child actress.

    Hannah Dakota Fanning, more commonly jsut known as Dakota Fanning, is one of the most widely child actresses out there. She has worked iwth many greats including Sean Penn, Denzel Washington, Robert Deniro, and many more. She got her start by doing a Tide commercial and then acted in one of her first movies, which really got her recognized, I am Sam. People should expect to see many more things fomr her as she gets older!
  • Going to be a bigger star.

    I think she is a beautiful little actor who I think can last as she gets older.
    She has done very well for herself and has starred in a lot of good movies and Television. Eg. I am Sam, Uptown Girls, Man on Fire and Taken.
    I really enjoy watching her as she seems a very charming young lady.

    She seems to enjoy what she does and seems to be having a lot of fun doing it. I hope that as she gets older she does not get a big head and just stays true to herself. (Although people do change as they get older)

    I hope she does not go like other child actors eg. Hilary Duff, The Olsens, Lindsay Lohan etc (Bad examples for other young people)
  • Although many feel she is overrated, I disagree.

    Although many feel she is overrated, I disagree. I feel that she is a wonderful actress and although she seems to be in everything, she is very talented. I especially liked her work in Dreamer. Think about if you were her...would you think that you were in too many things? Probably not. It is not her fault that so many people want her to be in so many things. She is at the height of her career. Although I think she is an excellent actress, I don't think that she will last much longer because some people think she is in way too many things, and so directors might think that this will effect the outcome of their whatever they are directing.
  • Such a natural talent

    Dakota really is one of a kind as she can portray a wide range of characters at an adults standards. I also feel that Dakota deserves credit even though she's been famous since she was 5 she's never got involved in any Drink/ drugs or she hasn't been in many tabloid articles. This makes her a really good role model to the younger generation who are inspiring to act professionally since she's just so bubbly very down to earth on all the interviews she appears on. I also admire how eloquently she speaks, she's as they say very wise beyond her years but at the same time she still manages to be a kid and squeeze in as much fun as possible. I really do hope she continues to what she does best and I hope in the near future we will see her winning an Oscar. Love you Dakota !
  • She is obviously amazing

    Dakota really is one of my personal favorite. Maybe because she is my age. I have always really enjoyed any movie/show with kids my age. Anyways...Dakota is supremly talented and is clearly going to be one of the biggest stars of her time. I'm sure in later years, she will be one of the most famous and will always be remembered. In my opinion, Dakota is one of the best actresses around right now. She has done an "maritorious" (as my friend says) with War of the Worlds. And she has done an awesome job with nearly everything else! I am utterly impressed!
  • amazing, truly amazing

    she has to be like the best child actress i have ever seen. I mean she did so many movies when she was young its just so hard to believe shes only 14. i was so proud of her when she won the 2007 best actress in the nick choice awards. Her acting in Charlotte's web was simply marvelous i cried (because of the movie people. i dont cry because i love people's acting). Anyway, she is a fine example to all the kids around her. But we better try not to spoil her to much she would. Dakota= Most awesome actress ever!
  • She's really amazing. :)

    Dakota Fanning is probably one of the best young actresses I've ever seen. She just seems so... I don't know. Down to earth. She's just an amazing actress. Every one of her movies that I have gone and seen I love. Dakota really gets into every character that she plays, which is really amazing for an actress as young as her to do. The fact that she's only fourteen (fifteen this month, I believe) is pretty unbelievable. She has so much talent for someone her age. She really seems like someone that other aspiring young actresses can look up to.
  • dakota is very talented.

    Dakota is a very talented. she did a great job in dreamer. my alltime favorite movie she starred in is probably war of the worlds. she did a great job in that movie. she is one of my favorites. she is one of the best actresses i have seen. especially at her age. overall she is a great actress and very talented.
  • Wow, I just love her

    I am watching her on the Ellen show! SHe is just soooo amusing! She got her dancing badge from Ellen for Girl Scouts...Granted, she is a better actress then danre, that is for sure! :D :D

    She is like really illiterate and can hold an intelligent conversation. I will enjoy watching her grow up over the years.
  • a precious blue eyed light blonde haired girl has had so much success like other stars, Abigail breslin, chloe moretz, madison pettis, and miranda cosgrove.

    Dakota Fanning has been my favorite actress since 2003 or 2004. She is extremely talented, therefore very amazing and pretty. She has probably starred in 37 or more movies, and now as 13 years old she has made countless awards, nominations, and especially success. My favorite movie from her is hounddog. Everyone it seems, likes her. here is all the movies i know she did. these are not in order.
    man on fire
    i am sam
    war of the worlds
    charlottes web
    hide and seek
    cat and the hat
    uptown girls
    and theres lots more.
    I know she is an awesome person and there was some gossip about her.
  • Great Job in "Dreamer"

    We just saw Dakota in "Dreamer" She was very authentic and real in the film. The acting was "Andrew Magarian" style, (acting coach) very understated but hitting it's mark. Dakota related very well to all her adult co stars and especially well to the dear horse in the film. This is the best film she has done by far.
  • so much talent for one so young

    this little girl has so much talent for one so young she does a great job in what ever she does I loved her in taken and in war of the worlds she is so cute she pulls you in to what ever character she plays i cant wait till she gets older to see her grow in her acting to see what she will make of her self because if her early work is anything to go in she will be one of the greats of her days I think that she has more talent then shirliey temple
  • Its unusual for a person in my age bracket to pay attention into to actress in this bracket. Anyway, shes a good actress. Too many actresses become brain dead. Thus for Dakota has yet to do that.

    Okay the full one,as said above it still applies.

    I started paying attention to her in I Am Sam.

    I only watch the movies that I would watch, so to say I aint going to go out and rent a bunch of Disney movies to see her.

    But I catch her in a few videos I would never let my kids watch if I had any.

    The first one I might, I Am Sam (2001), it was totally awesome when Sam told Lucy to do her homework and held her to the standards "I am your father."

    The request is NOT unreasonable. I realize a lot of kids are paying attention to this board and wondering what I mean.

    Simpily, you need to understand that kids should listen to requests and parents should only make reasonable requests. Your Homework in learning to read is VERY reasonable.

    Lucy's Slacking in doing homework is obvious. Shes feeling that by learning to read above his father there GOING above in which shes moving away.

    Anyway, people say she got her lucky break there...I'm sorry. They have it backwards. There is absolutely no doubt if it was some random kid off the street there would be no way the movie would be half as good.

    Anyway, the next time I seen her it was in Hide and Seek, her hair was died brown.

    She made me wonder if it was her part who was a killer. This one I don't think kids should see. Sorry.

    Then, I saw her next movie because I have a interest in Horses. Dreamer. I know weird for a guy. Anyway. They didn't play up on the Horses like I wanted. But it was a enjoyable one time watch.

    Then, I see her when I was watching a movie with my GF who is now my X. Uptown Girls. I enjoyed seeing the woman get taken down a peg. But I found Dakota's part to be funny. She played a what was it eight or nine year old who is a germaphobia. I found it to be funny. The rest of the movie was lame. But her comedy backup humor saved this movie I firmly believe. Um...I probably would let my kids watch this one.

    Then I was watching a movie called Sweet Home Alabama and I found her part to be a little creepy, but useful. Because without the short beginning part I the rest wouldn't make sense. I would let a mature kid watch it.

    I then saw her while watching the War of the worlds. Not a large part. But she did good.

    Anyway. Thats pretty much Alls I been interested there. Good acting and if Paramount stops this reboot crap when they make there next Star Trek movie, I suggest she seeks a part on it.

    I also hope she moves away from Disney movies because I find the to be creepy/satanic. I don't watch satanic crap.

    Anyway...I hope she stays away from Hollywood moron filler movies like the Matrix.

    Or a Star Wars movie...

    Ok...I guess in a way War of the Wolrds is...but theres worse.
  • Amazing actress. Stunning. Impeccable fashion. Should have received an Oscar by now. More than a child star, simply a star. She is going to continue to shine.

    I have been a fan of Fanning since I am sam. She is under appreciated. She is well deserving of some big awards. She definitely should have graced the cover of Teen Vogue by now. Her talent competes with the best actors of our time. Her style is completely refreshing and polished. She is one of the most naturally beautiful people ever. I think she is extraordinary and is going to surpass what anyone can expect from her. She is going to grow up to be a successful actress. Her fame is not going to be from being just a child star.
  • A review on the child actress Dakota fanning.

    I think tha Dakota Fanning is the best child actress today.She has performed in many films and has became the youngest person to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award at the age of 8, she has also had 13 wins and 13 nominations.She has also won the Kids Choice Award in 2007 and the Saturn Award in 2006.She began her acting career at the age of 5 when she was picked for a tide commercial.Since then she has done many films and commercials including I am Sam, cat in the hat, man on fire, War of the worlds and Charlottes web.She has had many TV guest appearances such Friends, CSI, Family Guy and Malcolm In The Middle.Dakota Fanning will remain one of the greatess child actress and in the futrue she will become more known and famous.
  • One of the greatest Hollywood stars I have seen since Shirly Temple. I have learned a great deal about Dakota as my daughter could be her twin. Every where we go people are asking me if my daughter is Dakota. I have to admit it has been a joy for us.

    She is an outstanding actress and from what I've seen a very loved child. It must be difficult to combine all the work and school and traveling. I couldn't imagine. I hope sometime my daughter will get to meet her twin (so to speak). I have not acting skills so I couldn't imagine what it takes for this child to go through all she does. My daughter and I thank her so much for Charlotte's Web. What a classic. God Bless you all and my your carrier bring you many things that bring joy to your life and work.

    P.S. If there was a way to share my Daughter Madison's pic with Miss Dakota, I think she would be shocked.
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