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  • The very mention of Dakota Fanning's name often turns me off of watching something completely lately.

    There's no doubt, Dakota is a talented litte girl. But I find Hollywood beefs her up so to speak way too much. I can't even listen to her name being called without hearing "precious dakota". This is a little over the top, I mean she's 12 years old! Another thing is, they want her for the box office money so bad, they are willing to put her at risk and also the character. In Hounddog, she is supposed to be a 9 year old girl getting raped. She is only 12, and they are to show her nude. Her parent's publicly even said "This is a great way for Dakota to get her first oscar" that's when she gets overused. It's when parents make public assumptions, and people think she's god or something and can play any role. They are even suggesting her to play a 14 year old in 2007, when she's playing a 9 year old this year. If she's playing 3 years younger this year, can she really play older when they film late this year? I doubt it. She's way overused to the point of being annoying.