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    ohmygoodness Dakota Fanning is the most talented actress i have ever seen work on tv and movies and she is only just turned 13!!and even when she was 5 she was still the best actress ever!!i am sam was the best movie ever made and dakota fanning is the reason why!her performance in that movie was so touching and moving!!she is the best child star yet!!i would tie her acting ability with Shirley Temples!and that is very hard to compete with!!because shirley temple was proven to be a real gifted child but this sint about her right now its about dakota!i can not describe how good her acting is for her age!you have to see for yourself!personally my fave movies with her in it is'i am sam'and'uptown girls'.Most child stars you see today are ok but you still jsut thin kof them as'cute'not go very far with their acting ability because they are just kids but with dakota fanning sure you think shes cute but mostly you thikn'ohmygoodness!!she portrays her characters so well!!'she is very beleivable with ALL her roles!!unlike alot of adult actors and actresses!!you can beelive she is a little farm girl who just found a cute little pig one moment and the next beelive she is in the middle of an alien invasion!!on top of that she is a good role model for young children ,she has such a good positive attitude toward life as you see come thorugh in many of her interviews.i am dakotas number 1 fan EVER!!i hope to be editor of her one day!!if you havn't chekced her out yet you really should considering renting one of her movies or soemthing!!i give her 1000 out of 10 stars!!keep the good work coming Dakota!!