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  • I have so much in common with her

    I like Dakota Fanning a lot, because I have so much in common with her. Especially concerning my appearance... I have as well fair blond hair, big eyes (even if mine are a mix of green, blue, grey and brown), a great smile and this very fair skin...

    We are also sharing the passion for acting...All the friends of my adoptive parents are telling them to get me to an agency in LA/Hollywood, because they think I'm very talented. But my "parents" won't let me and they are telling me that they want only the best and a "normal life" for me...

    The only time I was able to act in a group was when my "dad" had a job in Mexico City and I went to school there. I joined Drama Class and got one of the main parts...Everyone was telling my "parents" I was a "second Dakota Fanning" - even if I felt hornored I also think that's ridicolous. Unlike Dakota Fanning I will never be able to become an actress - at least not until I'm grown!

    However, she is the only reason why I don't hate my middle name "Dakota"...!