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  • One of the greatest Hollywood stars I have seen since Shirly Temple. I have learned a great deal about Dakota as my daughter could be her twin. Every where we go people are asking me if my daughter is Dakota. I have to admit it has been a joy for us.

    She is an outstanding actress and from what I've seen a very loved child. It must be difficult to combine all the work and school and traveling. I couldn't imagine. I hope sometime my daughter will get to meet her twin (so to speak). I have not acting skills so I couldn't imagine what it takes for this child to go through all she does. My daughter and I thank her so much for Charlotte's Web. What a classic. God Bless you all and my your carrier bring you many things that bring joy to your life and work.

    P.S. If there was a way to share my Daughter Madison's pic with Miss Dakota, I think she would be shocked.