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  • Its unusual for a person in my age bracket to pay attention into to actress in this bracket. Anyway, shes a good actress. Too many actresses become brain dead. Thus for Dakota has yet to do that.

    Okay the full one,as said above it still applies.

    I started paying attention to her in I Am Sam.

    I only watch the movies that I would watch, so to say I aint going to go out and rent a bunch of Disney movies to see her.

    But I catch her in a few videos I would never let my kids watch if I had any.

    The first one I might, I Am Sam (2001), it was totally awesome when Sam told Lucy to do her homework and held her to the standards "I am your father."

    The request is NOT unreasonable. I realize a lot of kids are paying attention to this board and wondering what I mean.

    Simpily, you need to understand that kids should listen to requests and parents should only make reasonable requests. Your Homework in learning to read is VERY reasonable.

    Lucy's Slacking in doing homework is obvious. Shes feeling that by learning to read above his father there GOING above in which shes moving away.

    Anyway, people say she got her lucky break there...I'm sorry. They have it backwards. There is absolutely no doubt if it was some random kid off the street there would be no way the movie would be half as good.

    Anyway, the next time I seen her it was in Hide and Seek, her hair was died brown.

    She made me wonder if it was her part who was a killer. This one I don't think kids should see. Sorry.

    Then, I saw her next movie because I have a interest in Horses. Dreamer. I know weird for a guy. Anyway. They didn't play up on the Horses like I wanted. But it was a enjoyable one time watch.

    Then, I see her when I was watching a movie with my GF who is now my X. Uptown Girls. I enjoyed seeing the woman get taken down a peg. But I found Dakota's part to be funny. She played a what was it eight or nine year old who is a germaphobia. I found it to be funny. The rest of the movie was lame. But her comedy backup humor saved this movie I firmly believe. Um...I probably would let my kids watch this one.

    Then I was watching a movie called Sweet Home Alabama and I found her part to be a little creepy, but useful. Because without the short beginning part I the rest wouldn't make sense. I would let a mature kid watch it.

    I then saw her while watching the War of the worlds. Not a large part. But she did good.

    Anyway. Thats pretty much Alls I been interested there. Good acting and if Paramount stops this reboot crap when they make there next Star Trek movie, I suggest she seeks a part on it.

    I also hope she moves away from Disney movies because I find the to be creepy/satanic. I don't watch satanic crap.

    Anyway...I hope she stays away from Hollywood moron filler movies like the Matrix.

    Or a Star Wars movie...

    Ok...I guess in a way War of the Wolrds is...but theres worse.