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  • A jerk true but voted off early!

    I will admit that Dale was a jerk and that he was a bit arrogant at times. But like on reviewer on here, he was really given a raw deal and that Anthony Bourdain shouldn't had been the judge. Dale was doing all he could to run the kitchen in the restaurant wars things. This is the one episode that was disappointing. And that Lisa, who had two or three bad dishes, to Dale, should had gone home. Not Dale despite his reputation for being a jerk.
    Overall, had he not went home early like that. He probably would had made it to the final four or final three!
  • Dale was voted off too early.

    Dale was unfairly voted off too early, clearly he has more talent than Spike and Lisa, I'm very disappointed with Top Chef this season. And where was Tom? They had Anthony Bourdain fill in, it's so unfair to be judged on one dish when all of his other dishes were great, he won so many quick fire challenges, I'm not sure if I will continue to watch Top Chef and I'm sure the culinary environment will no longer take Top Chef seriously. How can you take this show seriously when Spike is still on? I think Spike should have been voted off for being a coward.