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  • The show man

    From the beginning of the Glee Project there were 4 characters that stood out due to their unique personalities. Today only one remains after Hanna left.

    Damian has progressed the most from one task to the next. With his charismatic personality, he has come to own the show and would be a perfect addition to Glee as an Irish boy that has just relocated to America. With that background, there would be anenormousamount of material to write and draw from for the character.

    All the contestants have been great, but not all true to themselves and honest when it comes to performing vocally and acting. Damien extrudes energy effortlessly in every performance and with the proper guidance and good writing can become the new star for 7 episodes in Glee's new season.

    I've given him a rating of 10, not because he's there yet, but I think he has the most potential to be there by the time Glee airs.moreless