Damian Chapa





10/29/1963 , Dayton, Ohio, USA

Birth Name




Damian Chapa is a Mexican-American film-maker. He was born in Dayton, Ohio. Before becoming an actor, he had a number of jobs, including selling siding and three years serving in the U.S. Navy. One of his first acting jobs was a stand-in for Madonna's Papa Don't Preach video. During the 1990s he starred in a various blockbusters, including Street Fighter, in which he played Ken, and Money Talks. He also had a small role in the Steven Seagal vehicle Under Siege. For a short time he was married to fellow actor Natasha Hentsridge. In recent years, Chapa has produced, directed and starred in his own movies, which tend to be either low-budget action-movies or biopics. Among the movies he made in this way are Kill You Twice, The Lonely Life of Downey Hall and I.R.A.: King of Nothing. He has co-written and directed a pair of unauthorized biographical movies, Polanski Unauthorized and Brando Unauthorized, in which he played the title character.