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    • Damian Kindler: I admit, I gravitate towards the offbeat, The more straight ahead investigations, the investigation-style stories, I find, are harder for me to get completely into. Yes, they can be written, I mean, look at 'Cure.' It's a very scientific based investigation into a culture and what they're offering, and peels back layers of the onion. I'd say I'm more character driven than plot driven. I definitely gravitate towards characters who react to seeing what the group does for the first time, whether it's Felger, or whether it's a guy named Pete [Shanahan]. I'm always curious about what the outside world thinks when they get a glimpse of what the team does. I love that. That's exciting to me, because it's very real. My love of 'Stargate' is based on the fact that it's all set here and now. We're not on some ship 500 years in the future. We're here and now.