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    • Damian Kindler: (About episodic television on the internet) It's funny that its become such a revolution of what is going online because when we started this back just before Google bought YouTube, and everybody was like saying, "You're crazy there's nothing out there. It's Mentos and Diet Coke bottles, and who cares, you'll lose your shirts." And suddenly Google bought YouTube suddenly episodes of network shows are being thrown up there. Suddenly Battlestar Galactica is going to get a move on . Wow we really caught the wave as it was hitting the beach. The Good thing is that we didn't just say, "Let's just make a show, do the best we can and throw it up there. We kind of took the same innovative philosophy to the actual approach of making the show. The initial inspiration was "Look, if you are trying to compete with television, there's no way you can just make television. You have to make something that people don't get to see on television and entertainment ways that television doesn't entertain. And so that was when we really began to discuss making a sci-fi show that is extensively green screen shot. To my knowledge there isn't a green screen heavy or completely green screen shot television series being produced. And we started doing very innovative like not just creating 3D virtual sets to film against but also shooting directly to a digital hard drive and not using HDH for anything but a back up. And using real time 3D computer modelling on set so actors standing on the green screen can follow what the 3D computer set looks like on a monitor while they're acting. So there's a lot of innovation that went into this not just going on the net. Everything's going on the net. It's how it goes on the net and what is it? There was a lot of innovation and that continues to be our watch word as we build on what we're doing.