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    • Damian Kindler: Sci-fi is where I have been for most of my career, but I love writing 'drama' drama. It's funny, I really love to watch dramas that aren't Sci-fi. It's not like I absorb Sci-fi. I don't watch other Sci-fi shows all the time. I keep up with it. I watch things like "Buffy" and "Firefly", and I do see "Andromeda". I keep up with it out of professional interest, but it's more professional interest than if I had my druthers. I'm much more a kind of a reader. And I watch the odd DVD collection. I guess I just don't draw the lines. I mean, I like Sci-fi a lot. It's sort of where my childhood resides. I was so into sci-fi as a kid, "Star Trek", "Star Wars", "Batman", "Space 1999", "Dr. Who". The world of the fantastic was always very big for me as a child. So I'm still living the childhood dream of doing this. But I think that I find anything that has human value in the drama very attractive. So I can't say there's one type of writing that I'm attracted to more than any other. This is just where I am right now. Who knows where I'll end up?