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    • Damian Kindler: (On which Stargate story that he wrote felt is the most realized)Well, it's a good question. First of all, on Stargate, because people are so good at their jobs and there's actually a very healthy budget, a lot of what you write gets realized in a very, very nice way. They don't cheap out. They're going to do a space battle, they're going to do it right. You're going to do a fight, you're going to do it right. They're going to do a scene in some amazing location, they'll find it. Or they'll build it. So that's always really nice. I remember the very first one, "The Other Guys" that Martin Wood directed, just coming together brilliantly and going "Wow." This is my first Stargate experience at that level. Just going "Wow." I've never had a script that was produced at a feature-film-level of quality.