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    • Damian Kindler: The idea for Sanctuary as a series was born about six years ago, while I was living in LA working as a freelance TV writer. My agent at the time asked me to write a script that would (it was hoped) showcase my "voice" as a writer. Basically write a pilot for a TV series I would create, given the chance. So I wrote the first hour of Sanctuary back in 2001 and then it basically sat in my Hard Drive after I went to work on the Stargate TV franchise in 2002 until recently. Last year I started a new venture with friends from the gaming, software and internet communities here in Vancouver. We wanted to prove that the internet could turn people with the ability to develop and create high end content into their own studio and network, as it were. And the more we looked into it, the more we realized that sci fi fans were amongst the most passionate and sophisticated early adopters on the web. We were also looking for ways to rethink the way we made TV series-like content -- using innovative green screen techniques and real time 3D computer model tracking. All this came together in January 2007 when the Stargate crew and the newly hired VFX team here at Stage 3 Media combined to shoot the two hour pilot of Sanctuary. We had an absolute blast and can't wait to go back into production in the Fall.