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  • Damian Lewis

    I think damian is very natural one and he does this face expression that of like kind of looks like avery high level of sincerity even if he is lying and that is some fuckin acting man

  • versatile actor who's ability to change is CREEPY. I couldn't believe it was the same actor in Band of Brothers and The Forsyte Saga.

    Ever happened to watch something without realising you know an actor already? doesn't happen very often to me. After watching the complete Band of Brothers, I soon stumbled on the Forsytes, and although Lewis is physically far from ordinary (hair, eyes...) I watched 7 hours of Forsyte Saga without realising it was the same actor. Only looking him up on imdb made me realise.
    You prefer bad guys and want to see your favourite actor as the cold and slightly mad villain?
    then he is your man. a chameleon if you've ever seen one. He is also very convincing in Colditz. I would like to meet him to get to know the "real" person as you can't trust one word on screen he utters.
    and of course he is great as Charlie Crews who is totally(?) Zen and his protrayal of his little quirks (as everything else) is right on spot.
  • Damian Lewis. HOT. RANGA. BRITISH. I mean what is not to love about him.

    Damian lewis was born IN england, raised in England but so good at doing an American Accent many people believed he was not from Britain.

    Damian Lewis is awesome because he is a cop, an ranga and has many million dollars and has dreams about what he should spend the money on (altghough if he met me i think i sure could think of some things he could do with that money). Life is one of my favorite tv shows and i know that only recognising him from Life is terrible but he is the only reason i started watching it...and i will get into more of his shows and plays and everything. I did love him in Stormbreaker though he was beyond my favourite character.
  • Damian Lewis is a British actor, best known in the US for his portrayal of Richard D. Winters in "Band of Brothers".

    I had never heard of Damian Lewis when I watched him in "Band of Brothers" as the heroic leader of Easy Company. I never would have thought of him as British, his accent was that convincing. Then I saw him on PBS in "The Forsyte Saga" and was astounded. Currently he is starring in "Life" on NBC again without his accent. The role of the quirky Charlie Crews is another departure for him from his past roles. I always judge acting ability on the believability of the portrayal. Another key is the actor's range. John Wayne was always John Wayne. His reading seldom varied. Damian Lewis is one of countless actors who varies his delivery from role to role.
  • One of the best performances ever in Band of Brothers.

    I am reviewing him on Band of Brothers alone as I have not seen him in anything else. He instantly became one of my favorite actors for what he did in this movie. Playing Frank Winters in Band of Brothers had to be hard to do for a British born actor. I had no idea he was British until way after I watched the mini series. I have seen the real Frank Winters do interviews about Band of Brothers and it was scary how much Lewis' voice sounded like the real Winters. He brought to me a real sense of what WW2 was like through his acting.
  • what a lucky man to play such an honorable character in Band of Brothers

    yea again Damian Lewis your such a lucky person but not just that, also a very good actor.he definatly embodied Richard Winters and looks so much like him. Also, he and
    Ron Livingston(( Capt. Nixon )) bring out the friendship between their 2 characters. i dont know what everyone else thinks but i sure think he is a great actor. also when i watched the cast interviews he seemed to have a great respect for the character he played, what he did and what the men of easy company did for our country and the world, which is always great.