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  • versatile actor who's ability to change is CREEPY. I couldn't believe it was the same actor in Band of Brothers and The Forsyte Saga.

    Ever happened to watch something without realising you know an actor already? doesn't happen very often to me. After watching the complete Band of Brothers, I soon stumbled on the Forsytes, and although Lewis is physically far from ordinary (hair, eyes...) I watched 7 hours of Forsyte Saga without realising it was the same actor. Only looking him up on imdb made me realise.
    You prefer bad guys and want to see your favourite actor as the cold and slightly mad villain?
    then he is your man. a chameleon if you've ever seen one. He is also very convincing in Colditz. I would like to meet him to get to know the "real" person as you can't trust one word on screen he utters.
    and of course he is great as Charlie Crews who is totally(?) Zen and his protrayal of his little quirks (as everything else) is right on spot.