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    • Regent : It's going to be a pretty night, the last one I will ever see.

      Londo : You shouldn't talk that way, Regent. You still have many years ahead of you. That's why it's important to recall the ships. We can still make peace.

      Regent : Oh, there will be peace, for a while. It never lasts, really. They said so. They said two things, actually. That there will be peace and that it won't last. They also said I would be dead by morning and that tomorrow .. you will be emperor. They said many, many things. Things I didn't want to hear. Things I didn't understand. And things I didn't want to understand.

      Londo : They? Who are they, Regent?

      Regent : Oh, you will find out for yourself soon enough, Londo. You shouldn't rush your last free hours. And there were something else they told me .. to do. And I did it just a few moments before I came to see you. The last thing I will ever have to do for them. And in a way .. I'm glad it's over.

      Londo : What did they ask you to do?

      Regent : To send away all the ships .. guarding Centauri Prime on a false emergency and turn off the planetary defense network.

      Londo : No!

      Regent : I think I'll stay .. and watch from here. The sky should be lighting up any time now. I imagine .. it will be .. quite beautiful.

      Londo : No!

    • Regent : I have been many things in my life, Mollari. I have been silly. I have been quiet when I should have spoken. I have been foolish. And I have wasted far too much time. But I am still Centauri .. and I am not afraid.

    • Londo : I don't have the authority.

      Regent : You will .. because I will be dead, and you will be Emperor. It's all very clean that way. Once I'm gone, you can blame me for anything you want. I won't mind ... really ... because I'll know .. you had no choice. No choice at all.

    • Regent :: You see, Londo, they learn quickly. They learned from the Shadows, and they learned from you.