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Damian McGinty

Damian McGinty

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  • Damian you need to sing more in a lead song, you are a very soft spoken singer and it is a start for your future career. Keep up the fantastic work.moreless

    If anyone loves GLEE like I do, you got to watch the Michael Jackson episode. They did an awesome job. Arty and Mike never looked so sexy doing Scream, Blaine and Kurt have some moves in Gotta be started something. Finn did an awesome job singing Ben, it was his best singing. Sam and Mercedes were fantastic doing Human Nature. Quinn and Santana were unbelievable in their songs. Need to see more of the Rory singing. Wish Michael was still alive, I'm sure he would have commended them all for their tribute to him and his songs. The Wobbler jerk needs to be punched out, after beating him at Regionals then send the prick to jail for what he did to Blaine. The best show to date.moreless