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Damien is singer in a popular Darwin band - Dr Elephant. He lives with his girlfriend but is worried about his life expectancy if he remains heavy. Damien is the heaviest person to enter the 'Biggest Loser', with a starting weight of over 216 kilos.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Since appearing on the 'Biggest Loser', Damien has dropped from wearing a size 9XL to a 3XL.

    • In a 'make or break' elimination, Damien was eliminated from 'The Biggest Loser' on April 8, 2007. He was eliminated due to a game twist involving choosing food by calorie content. Having chose the highest food, Damien was immediately eliminated.

    • Damien was the biggest contestant to ever appear on 'The Biggest Loser' [both Australian and US] with a starting weight of 216.3 kilos.

  • Quotes

    • Damien: (on his 'Biggest Loser' experience) It's given me the tools and the knowledge to make sure I never go back to where I came from.

    • Damien: (on his girlfriend) [She has] the most beautiful heart of any person I've ever met.

    • Damien: (on being eliminated from the 'Biggest Loser' due to the triathlon ) I feel I achieved the kickstart I needed to get down to my goal weight. I don't expect to be at my goal weight by the finale. If I can get down to 140kg by the finale I'd be ecstatic. I'm 50kg lighter now but I'm still morbidly obese. There's still a long way to go.

    • Damien: (on 'Biggest Loser' contestant Chris) He's young, he's cocky, very confident, and that rubs people up the wrong way. He's had two massive weight loss weeks, he's got to hit a wall sooner or later. You look at him and see he can't have that much more weight to lose. He eats a very low amount of calories. He got quite sick two weeks ago and everyone could see it coming.

  • Damien you surely are an inspitration.Well done. You will do it!

    I watch the show every night just to see how Damien is going. I love the fact that despite his size he will give anything ago. I have, on a few occasions, nearly cried watching the pain on his face as he exercises never once giving up or saying I can't do this. My brother is obese and Damien reminds me of my brother. Damien if you ever read this know that you are truly an inspiration and you are proof that despite the odds being against you, you can achieve anything. You Damien have touched my heart and I know I don't speak just for myself.You have jumped the biggest hurdle in your life and I believe that anything you do now will be conquered with ease.Good luck with what ever you do!

    Damien Wicks in my eyes you are the biggest Loser!moreless