Damita Jo Freeman

Damita Jo Freeman

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  • Now THAT was a dancer!!

    Damita Jo? that girl was simply amazing. Her style was unique. I still remember her taking to the stage during singer Joe Tex\'s performance of his hit \"I Gotcha\" and broke into an improvisational dance that floored Joe. For those three minutes you forgot that he was the guest performer.I also recall her appearance on Bandstand\'s annual dance contest and won that. One things for sure she will not be easily forgottenmoreless
  • Damita Jo Freeman was Soul trains greatest dancers!

    I started watching soul train in the mid 70\'s.

    This one young lady stood out from the rest,Ms. Damita Jo. I love the way she moved. She could dance her butt off. I love seeing her work her way down the soul train line. In the one show they had singer Joe Tex performing \"I Got Ya\",and Diamita Jo jumped up and tore the dance floor up!If I didn\'t know she was a regular dancer on the show, I would have thought she was part of Joe Tex performance. She Was Great! I would love to get a hold of that show. That was the one show that stayed in my mind. the greatest dancer on the train Diamita Jo. Thank you girl you made my teen years very happy!moreless