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  • Damon Graham Devereux Hill is a Formula One driver and 1996 World Champion although many British fans, including myself, believe that the 1994 title should have gone to the Brit as well. Damon retired from Formula One in 1999, as is now head of the BRDC.

    For an ex-Formula One driver, Damon is a very down-to-earth sort of guy, a man with a dry sense of humour, as he showed when appeared on Top Gear. Another one of Damon's attribites that people like is his sportsmanship, ala his reaction in the aftermath of Adelaide '94 when Schumacher collided with Hill contraversially to win the 1994, whether Schumacher did this deliberately or not is still a matter of debate.

    Anyway, Damon is a great entertainer and a great sportsman and like his father, Graham Hill, he'll never be forgotten for his achievements in his repected sport.