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    • Damon: That routine was when I was getting 10-15 shots a night. That isn't the case anymore. So I need to make sure I'm ready to take advantage of my chances.

    • Damon: He blamed the struggles of this team on me. He told me that I know better because I've been there before and I've been on good teams and I should be passing along the way we approached games last year.

    • Damon: We've been like that all season long? Very inconsistent.

    • Damon: He understands that being a great player comes down to how you can help your team win games. That's what his focus is right now. He's not worried about MVP or anything like that. He's just trying to help his team win games.

    • Damon: (refering to Lebron James) You can't take him on full court because he's an aggressive driver and you can't sag off him because then he'll hit his jumper. You have to pick your poison.

    • Damon: It does wonders for us because he's not only making plays for others, but he's also in attack mode from one end to the other.

    • Damon: I never thought I'd get booed here. Anything is possible. I hope not. You never know how they perceive the reason why I left. I'm not even nervous about the actual game. When I check into the game, I'm worried about their reaction.

    • Damon: I hope they appreciated me. We both enjoyed each other. They were great fans.

    • Damon: We were able to get out in transition and share the ball extremely well.

    • Damon: When I first came to Cleveland, everyone said I would add shooting to the mix. I missed my first five shots (Thursday), so I had to get the crowd into it the best way I can. So I had to pull out my Harlem Globetrotters tricks and hopefully I can swing the fans back in my favor knowing that I can make shots.

    • Damon: The marquee guy is going to get the majority of the accolades and the majority of the press coverage. Because of it, some guys get overlooked for some special things that they do, but that's the nature of athletics. If you're in it for the publicity, you're in it for the wrong reason.

    • Damon: I don't have a 7-foot, 300-pound guy on my (butt) telling me if I don't hit a shot he's going to send me to Siberia.

    • Damon: The offense is wide open. (Former coach) Larry Brown wasn't too fond of the 3-point shot. Flip wants his guys to do what they do best. They have a lot of freedom out there. They are playing with a lot of confidence and not looking over their shoulders.

    • Damon: If you're going to boo, then boo. Don't be fair-weather fans. I'd rather not be applauded anymore.

    • Damon: I'm officially in a slump.

    • Damon: When I got to the league, I learned and looked up to guys who had long-lasting careers because they didn't partake in alcohol. I'd say it's very rare (for an NBA player), but I'm already high on life and I enjoy living, so I don't need any extra additives.

    • Damon: There is no competition between me and Eric Snow. We're working together to win basketball games. The only thing that matters is that after each game the Cleveland Cavaliers will have won and the other team loses.

    • Damon: It's no pressure at all. I think I'm one of the top five shooters in the world. I love to shoot the basketball. I work on my shot a lot.

    • Damon: If we execute and share the basketball and move bodies, then we are a tough team to defend because we have a lot of guys that can do a lot of different things on the offensive end. Defensively, we turned it up and held them to one shot, and because of it, we got momentum.

    • Damon: Definitely, we're relieved. When we first started hearing about his discomfort we were all kind of worried. But the doctors did a great job of finding the problem and getting on top of it.