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    • Damon: You know how much people love the episode where we found out how Jack got his tattoos, well wait 'til you find out how Ezra James Sharkington got his Dharma tattoo. What if he got it… Wait… What if Ezra James Sharkington got his Dharma tattoo from Bai Ling? Then she could come back and finish that six episode arc she's talking about. He can be like, "I will bite your face if you do not give me a Dharma tattoo!"

    • Damon: We just really, really love our fans, and it's great that they are so passionate about the show. And a lot of times we hear criticism and the same time we know it's their show, too.

    • Damon: The cast of the show are great, you know they keep Lost alive.

    • Damon Lindelof: (On tv series Lost) This show is an exercise in faith. Most of all, I'd like to thank you (the audience) for having faith in us, for inviting us into your homes, watching the show, supporting the show, believing in the show.

    • Damon Lindelof: (On how hard it is to make Lost) In television, if I write that Matthew Fox flies up around the island so he can see how big it is, we have to actually shoot that. In a comic book, you write it, somebody draws it and there it is. No budget, no actors. That frees you up to really do some outside-the-box storytelling.

    • Damon Lindelof: (On coming up with the idea of Lost) Basically, we had a two-hour meeting where we both came to the same exact solution to how to do the show, which was it had to have a lot of characters, the characters had to be really mysterious and the island itself had to be even more mysterious than they were.

    • Damon Lindelof: (On the season 3 premiere of Lost) Here's what you won't see: Globetrotters, zombies, the guy Meredith Grey didn't choose, coconut radios, Laura Palmer, Jack laughing, Desmond running naked through the jungle, the Others' annual talent show, buttons, timers, electromagnetic anomalies, Cylons, cyclones, or clones, nanobots, Captain Jack Sparrow, and time travel.

    • Damon Lindelof: (On Lost's viewers) Sometimes we get frustrated ourselves and decide it's time to download a big chunk of mythology. And then the audience says, 'I find this confusing and alienating and too weird.' So then we pull back, and they say, 'You're not giving us enough'.

    • Damon Lindelof: (On Lost being different from other TV shows) We're finding the show is inherently different in a lot of ways and it's just a byproduct of the fact that a serialized TV show like this is always moving forward— 24 is serialized but every season they reset. Lost, season two literally starts approximately five seconds after season one ends so you're inheriting everything they know about the island.

    • Damon: (Refering to "Lost") For me, it was a long road that led through feature development.

    • Damon: (Referring to "Lost" theories) To me, it's always more interesting to not take away any legitimate theories from the audience.

    • Damon: I'm definitely interested in getting back into features, but I don't know how and when that's going to happen. It all depends on how well Lost does this year, I guess.

    • Damon: (about the numbers on "Lost") To answer why we chose those numbers would give up a big chunk of mythology that we are not ready to reveal yet. All I'll say is that the selection of those numbers was not arbitrary.

    • Damon: I try not to comment on which characters will or will not be leaving the show, because it doesn't create a very healthy working environment for the actors in Hawaii.

    • Damon: There are different facets of my personality that are reflected in different characters. The character that I identified with most last year was Jack, because he was thrust into a leadership role that he wasn't fully ready to take on. He had to make a series of hard decisions that weren't necessarily popular decisions. Entering the foray of being the executive producer of a television show, I could identify with his life situation more than I could with any of the other characters' life situations. But I also feel that I have a cynical sense of humor that is reflected in Sawyer's dialogue, and I have a vulnerable side that I always think about when I'm writing Kate. I have a happier, hippier, dippier side that is reflected when I'm writing Hurley.

    • Damon: Lost is the most interesting programme I've worked on.

    • Damon: (Referring to "Lost" season 3 premiere) The audience have waited long enough.

    • Damon: (Referring to "Lost") Most of my friends and family are big fans of the show.