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  • a one man entertainment show

    what can i say? The dude is brilliant, major pain, wife an kids, more yet for me too watch. WOW words escape me

    Mr. Waynes!

    SIR, words are less to express.

    but i am a huge fan of yours. watched every episode of your biggest blockbuster season MY WIFE AND KIDS. i just loved the concept, cast, acting, comedy everything about it.

  • My Wife and Kids DVDs

    I've been a huge fan of Damon Wayans since I saw My Wife and KidsTV sitcom. Watching My Wife and Kids made me laugh all the time because there are lots of funny moments in this series. Overall, I simply love this show for being awesome! It's funnier than other comedy shows. I've been dying to watch this hilarious show all over again and took a chance to grab a copy from online DVD shops. Well, I got scammed before so it's really hard to find a good and trustworthy company. My officemate recommended a reliable seller. I purchased my order at 3217350&cat=0&page=1 . My order was delivered in a very prompt manner. It was a good set and the quality is absolutely great! I'm very happy and proud with this DVD collection because watching this series again will surely remind of the good old funny days! Defnitely recommended for all Damon Wayans out there!
  • Hi, Damon Wayans and bros!pls give African American a break,set the pace:feature dark skinned dark skinned women in our tv show.eg :my wife and kids.Apparently you only allow light skinned Afro Americans in your show.Don't be ashamed you are dark too.

    Damon Wayans you should know that,African American viewers and others like me are aware of what is going on.Being dark like you and me is not a sin!
    The fact is:dark African American men are featured in your tv show-my wife and kids.Yet there are no dark skinned African American women-all the women are light skinned.This shouldn't happen in a civilised country.And an intelligent person shouldn't be part of it.I mean you!
    Eddy murphy, Quincy Jones,Chris Rock and your brothers suffer from self-loathing.This is why the African American community is very behind.Don't hate yourself.you are a human being.Love the colour .
  • The only reason why I tune into channel 39.

    There are only two words to describe Damon Wayans. Michael Kyle. Mr. Kyle's preformece on My Wife And Kids is devilishly funny in a lotta ways, but you also can tell that he is a great family man, and not only with his T.V. wife, Jay. Ever since I started watching My Wife And Kids back a few years after the show had aired, I just loved Katies's "boyfriend", little Mr. Franklin, who thinks he's mature enough to do anything. Overall, Damon Wayans deserves a 9.4 for his "awesomeness" and his "coolness". Kovuchu - kovuchu@gmail.com

    P.S. A wish to WB, bring MWAK back!
  • empty

    Damon Wayans is just one third of the famous and absolutely hilarious Wayans' brothers. Damon got his start on FOX's "In Living Color" where he played that weird clown guy. (I forget the character's name.) From his start on television, he's made a jump to the bigscreen where he has starred in some very cool movies. But now he's back on television starring in his on show.
  • Damon Wayans is a very funny person and should continue to be that.

    I really noticed Damon Wayans from In Living Color. The Way he expresses his comedy is like no other. He says clever funny thing that will always make you laugh. Especially with his show, My wife and Kids. My Wife and Kids show a middle classed family of 5 through the ups and down. I like they way he presented because it was never too much or too less. It was just right, And also funny. So there fore, Damon Wayan is above average because of his type straight forward and clever comedy. Despite his so called clothing line called the "n-word".