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  • Hi, Damon Wayans and bros!pls give African American a break,set the pace:feature dark skinned dark skinned women in our tv show.eg :my wife and kids.Apparently you only allow light skinned Afro Americans in your show.Don't be ashamed you are dark too.

    Damon Wayans you should know that,African American viewers and others like me are aware of what is going on.Being dark like you and me is not a sin!
    The fact is:dark African American men are featured in your tv show-my wife and kids.Yet there are no dark skinned African American women-all the women are light skinned.This shouldn't happen in a civilised country.And an intelligent person shouldn't be part of it.I mean you!
    Eddy murphy, Quincy Jones,Chris Rock and your brothers suffer from self-loathing.This is why the African American community is very behind.Don't hate yourself.you are a human being.Love the colour .