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  • Dan Blocker was a gentle giant--onscreen and off.

    As I have been researching the life of Dan Blocker, I have learned so much about this wonderful man! He may have had a big stature, but he had an even bigger heart. As Hoss Cartwright on Bonanza, he won over every viewer with his cakm and gentle spirit. His death was ans still is a loss to the entertainment business.
  • The Lovable Hoss

    Proberly after everything is said and done,Dan Blocker was one of the favorite actors we came across during the early days of TVdom.
    His persona was at best the lovable strong as can be but little in the smarts department.
    He was usally a serious actor, but came down he was more used in the comedic epiosdes of Bonanza.
    Without a doubt, his death might had made the series to get canceled.If he had lived, he might have been great in doing other generes.The world had lost a best friend/boosum buddy when he died. He will be soley missed.
  • I feel that Dan Blocker was a very talented actor. His role on Bonanza was great. His acting on the show was super good. I would like to have seen him in many more movies as a co-star or a star because he was a caring actor.

    I remember watching Bonanza very well with my mama and daddy when I was a child. I still watch episodes of Bonanza today because I remember watching it as a child and I enjoyed it then and I also enjoy watching it now. I only hope they keep showing the episodes so I can watch them for years to come. I can't help but feel like I'm there when I'm watching the episodes yet today.