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Dan Brown


6/22/1964, Exeter, New Hampshire

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Dan Brown (VI)


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Dan Brown (born June 22 1964) is an international bestselling author. He is best known for his novel The Da Vinci Code which presents controversial information about Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Dan was raised in Exter, New Hampshire the eldest of three children. He attended the prestigious…more


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    • Dan Brown's all-time favorites films are: Fantasia, Life is Beautiful, Annie Hall, Indiana Jones, the Pink Panther series and Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet.

    • According to himself he is born to write thrillers.

    • Dan grew up surrounded by the paradoxical philosophies of science and religion. This is what compelled him to write his fictious works on these topics and subjects.

    • Dan Brown has made appearances on CNN, The Today Show, National Public Radio, Voice of America, as well as in the pages of Newsweek, Forbes, People, GQ, The New Yorker, and other news networks and newspapers.

    • Thanks to Dan Brown's donation of $2.2 million, Phillips Exeter Academy had a market value of $706 million, and the largest endowment of any school in the U.S.

    • Dan's wife Blythe-an art history buff and painter-collaborates on his research and accompanies him on his frequent research trips, such as a trip to Paris where they visited the Louvre for Dan's thriller, The Da Vinci Code.

    • In 1995 Dan Brown and Blythe Newlon wrote A Guide For The Romantically Frustrated Woman. This was done under the supervision of Danielle Brown, who had previously written 187 Men To Avoid.

    • Dan Brown's father, a math teacher, has won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching, before retirement.

    • Dan has had two lawsuits filed against him for plagiarism regarding the 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code.

    • The Da Vinci Code, his world-famous bestseller, was the first to reach success and be adapted into a film. However it is actually the sequel to the book Angels & Demons; also starring the character Robert Langdon.

    • In 2005 Dan Brown made Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people of the year.

    • Dan married Blythe Newlon in 1997. She is 12 years his senior. Together they have two children.

    • Although some claim Brown's books such as The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons are anti-Christian, Brown himself is a Christian who says the controversy inspires " the discussion and debate of this subject will ultimately lead to a more solidly defended faith."

  • Quotes

    • Dan Brown: (about what his favorite music is) I've recently become hooked on the Spanish singer Franco de Vita. I also listen to The Gypsy Kings, Enya, Sarah Mclachlan, and (if I'm feeling old) the very young and talented songwriter Vanessa Carlton.

    • Dan Brown: Until I graduated from college, I had read almost no modern commercial fiction at all (having focused primarily on the "classics" in school). In 1994, while vacationing in Tahiti, I found an old copy of Sydney Sheldon's Doomsday Conspiracy on the beach. I read the first page… and then the next…and then the next. Several hours later, I finished the book and thought, "Hey, I can do that." Upon my return, I began work on my first novel-- Digital Fortress -- which was published in 1996.

    • Dan Brown: (about being a really simple guy) It's who I am. I'm not really a pretender. I like complicated ideas presented in a fun way. My best teachers were the teachers that made learning fun. There are hundreds of books that deal with the topic of The Da Vinci Code that are pretty hard to read. And here's one that isn't.

    • Dan Brown: (about what kind of movies he likes) I like it all. I might see a couple a week. I'm not a fan of horror. I never go to that. I see all kind of movies. I'm always fascinated by the way different people tell stories. And even from a terrible movie I can learn a lot about what doesn't work.

    • Dan Brown: This character Robert Langdon has a fascination for all the things that interest me. It will be through this character that I expand my own understanding of the world. I'll just sort of share it with readers as I go. And I will not be one of those authors who turns out a book every seven months because I've suddenly hired a team of 30 people to write with me. I don't work that way.

    • Dan Brown: (about if he considers himself a conspiracy theorist) Absolutely not. In fact, I'm quite the opposite-more of a skeptic. I see no truth whatsoever in stories of extraterrestrial visitors, crop circles, the Bermuda Triangle, or many of the other "mysteries" that permeate pop culture. However, the secret behind The Da Vinci Code was too well documented and significant for me to dismiss.

    • Dan Brown: (about how he spends his money) You know what, my wife and I have simple tastes. We really feel our life needs to stay as normal as possible. We travel a lot, but we always have. We enjoy antiques but we always have. A lot of the money's going to charity. My father's an educator. I grew up a teacher, certainly education is important. I'm a member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America and I have a little brother that I see all the time, and I'm sure we'll want to help them out.

    • Dan Brown: The first interesting thing is, I travel a lot for my work, and every time I'm on an airplane there are four or five people reading my book. (Laughs) So a few times I've had to sit next to people who are reading The Da Vinci Code who may or may not recognize me. I often like to say, ''Is that thing any good?'' Just see what they think, maybe engage them in a conversation a little bit about the book without giving them any idea who I am. That's always fun.

    • Dan Brown: (about what's his celebrity like) On one hand, it's wonderful. It affords you opportunities that you never had before -- I don't mean in a financial sense. It just means you have access to an enormous number of fascinating people with fascinating ideas. At the same time, I have much less privacy. I'm recognized often. And there are intrusions to privacy that are a challenge. But nothing good comes without challenges.

    • Dan Brown: (about what kind of books he read when he was young) I read fiction as a kid. I read all the Hardy Boys series, and I also was an enormous fan of movies. And so I think through reading a lot of fiction as a kid, and also being a fan of the craft of storytelling as told through the movies, I think a lot of that shows through [in my work]. I also have a short attention span. And one of the reasons I don't read fiction is because I can't really get through it. [Laughs] If I'm not learning, I'm usually not engaged, so I like fiction that teaches. All I really set out to do when I write a book is to write the kind of book that I would like to read. And that is my only goal. Write a book that you, Dan Brown, would enjoy reading. Then I just hope other people will share my taste.

    • Dan Brown: (about how much research he does when he's writing a book) I would say 60 percent of the effort for Da Vinci Code went into the research. And that's pretty much the same for all of my books. I don't read fiction. Which I realize sounds a little bizarre, but I read almost exclusively nonfiction books for my research.

    • Dan Brown: It's important for authors to use the Web responsibly. More than half the information out there is garbage. It's very important to realize that just because it's on the Web doesn't mean that it's a fact. I like to use the Web as an inspirational tool to get ideas and then when you actually go to do your research get your actual information elsewhere. There are some major books that were published and had to be edited later because of faulty research. Anybody with a computer can post a webpage and tell you that they know everything about everything.

    • Dan Brown: The all-time best "gift book" has to be a leather-bound copy of the Oxford English Dictionary. How can you go wrong?

    • Dan Brown: In many ways, editing yourself is the most important part of being a novelist.. carving away superfluous text until your story stands crystal clear before your reader.

    • Dan Brown: If you ask three people what it means to be Christian, you will get three different answers. Some feel being baptized is sufficient. Others feel you must accept the Bible as immutable historical fact. Still others require a belief that all those who do not accept Christ as their personal savior are doomed to hell. Faith is a continuum, and we each fall on that line where we may. By attempting to rigidly classify ethereal concepts like faith, we end up debating semantics to the point where we entirely miss the obvious-that is, that we are all trying to decipher life's big mysteries, and we're each following our own paths of enlightenment. I consider myself a student of many religions. The more I learn, the more questions I have. For me, the spiritual quest will be a life-long work in progress.

    • Dan Brown: I spend my life essentially alone at a computer. That doesn't change. I have the same challenges every day.

    • Dan Brown: I suppose discussing books in the classroom also helps me analyze good fiction and incorporate similar themes into my own work.

    • Dan Brown: No man dies for what he knows to be true. Men die for what they want to be true, for what some terror in their hearts tells them is not true.

    • Dan Brown: One of the hardest things to teach a child is that the truth is more important than the consequences.

    • Dan Brown: Suggesting a married Jesus is one thing, but questioning the Resurrection undermines the very heart of Christian belief.

    • Dan Brown: If I'm not at the desk at 4am, I feel like I'm missing out on my most productive hours. in addition to starting early, I keep an antique hour glass on my desk and every hour have a break to do pushups, situps and some quick stretches. I feel this keeps the blood and the ideas flowing. I'm also a big fan of gravity boots. Hanging upside down seems to help me solve plot challenges by shifting my entire perspective.

  • Dan Brown is one of the best and well known authors on the planet. He is known for his books The Da Vinci Code and Angels And Demons. Both these books were world best - sellers and The Da Vinci Code was made into a movie. Dan Brown is the best author nowmoreless

    Dan Brown is one of the best and well known authors on the planet. He is known for his books The Da Vinci Code and Angels And Demons. Both these books were world best - sellers and The Da Vinci Code was made into a movie. Dan Brown is the best author now.

    It hasn't always been good for Dan though, his thrilling novel The Da Vinci Code has two lawsuits against it claiming that it is un - Christian and insults the bible. Dan Brown stands by his words saying, "The Da Vinci Code is a non - fiction novel which is based on ture facts."

    So is Dan Brown brilliant or un - Christian???moreless