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  • Dan Butler is just about the sexiest man on television.

    From the first time I saw him on Roseanne in the bike shop to through Frasier and now as I scour the internet for his photo...he's handsome, and has a smile that makes me melt every time I see his face. I dare say that I'm a fan. Quite an actor too...
  • An amazing actor. Totally under-appreciated.

    just saw a back episode of roseanne. dan's a great actor with a lot of charisma. it doesn't hurt that he's also smart, funny, witty and totally f'n hot! enough talent to carry his own show, why has that never happened? he's totally underrated. Especially when most don't realize he's gay He's skilled at playing straight characters, sadly most out actors in hollywood today couldn't (Andy Dick)! Now if he would just get more work. You just don't see him as often anymore. It must be time to watch Fraiser re-runs :P) At least he really got a chance to develop a character more.