Dan Byrd

Dan Byrd


11/20/1985, Marietta, Georgia, USA

Birth Name

Daniel Byrd



Also Known As

Daniel Byrd
  • Dan Byrd as Travis on Cougar Town.
  • Dan Byrd as Travis on Cougar Town.
  • Dan Byrd as Travis on Cougar Town.
  • Dan Byrd as Travis on Cougar Town.
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Daniel Byrd was born on November 20, 1985 in Marietta Georgia. When he was 8 years old, he started in the acting business with his first role on the Lifetime TV series "Any Day Now" playing the child version of a main character. Dan went on to co-star…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Dan Byrd: raising star

    Dan Byrd is, to me, a raising star and while many try just too hard to be famous and rich, I honestly see in him a boy who is living his dream day after day, giving the best of him and letting everyone see a really virtuous actor that does not forget where he comes from. This Georgia boy may be one of the finest members of the future Hollywood top actress/actors.

    The people that had had the chance to work with him, described him as a charismatic, humorous and incredibly down-to-Earth guy. Dan Byrd, the boy that has been in the entertaining business for almost a lifetime (since he was –just- 8) and has two awards under his belt, is still the boy next door we all had heard of at least once.

    Not just a pretty face but a nice guy most people can relate to. A boy that followed his dream with out giving up, one very talented boy that with no formal training decided he wanted to give it a go and enjoy his natural skills.

    Maybe after all of what we can get to know about Dan Byrd, the only one thing left to say is that dreams can take you as far as you let them.

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    Dan is great actor..

    Luv him so much