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  • I wish

    We need a sequel to olive the other reindeer. That was just too short and not to mention Dan played the postman (my favorite character). Besides all of his characters I love hearing his regular voice. There's something about him that I love and I don't know what it is. He's my favorite voice actor ever! But I wish he would put the Simpsons behind him for a day and talk about his role as the postman.
  • Dan Castellaneta Rules

    Dan Castellaneta,does a great voice of Homer.He does'nt only do the voice of Homer Simpson,he does other voices in the simpsons.He also does the voice of Abraham Simpson, Krusty the Klown, Barney, Willy, Sideshow Mel, Mayor Quimby, Hans Moleman, Gil, Itchy, Scott Chr.Well have a great day ive got to go.
  • Really Talented

    I never knew he was on so many cartoons I used to watch, like old ones on Nick. I never realized this, and I think he is a really talented voice actor, also really funny. I of course know him best as the voice of several dozen Simpsons male characters, like Homer of course. But oh my gosh, he is a good actor and I think he is really funny. i want to get into more roles by him in the future, he is really good. My overall "grade" for him would be an A+, he is just so talented
  • Hey! You probably will never read this but I am from Oak Park and graduated from OPRF. If this means anything to you I started at Holmes Elementary, Emerson Middle School then OPRF. We miss you in the OP and wish you would come back!!!

    Come back to Oak Park...You're Huskies miss you and everything else! I grew up in Oak Park and it was always fun to say you came from our town. Thanks for putting us on the map but we also would like you to come home to say hi to us sometimes. Please come back and grace us with you successful presence. The OPRF class needs a speaker to get them excited to become someone. You have made our dreams more possible than you can imagine. We hope you decide one day to come home and greet us with all your success and wisdom.
  • Awesome

    Great voice-over in the simpson family, this guy doesn't really have the "tete de l'emploi" as we say. I mean, how can you believe this almost-bald guy, thin, well-dressed and almost a bit uptight, could make those amusing, distracting little noises that we hear in the Simpson show!!!!
    And as if it wasn't sufficient, he's also a really good actor when we get to see his face on the screen, and to hear his famous voice!!

    Thinking about that again, he's really not affected by Homer's behavior, with food I mean, which is a really good thing. Good job, good talent!!
  • Dan Castellaneta one of the greatest of all time.

    Dan castellaneta is one of the most funniest men I've ever seen.He is one of the main character's in the #1 show of my favorite "The Simpsons" if you are looking for the biggest laughs of your life then you'll want to watch "The Simpsons".The simpsons are the longest running T.V show in America.Me Myself have been watching The simpsons ever since the age of 4 years.Ever since I first saw the show I fell in LOVE with the character's.And time to time they have famous celebrity's appear on the show.I just love Dan Castellaneta so much. Thank You.
  • He is an awesome voice. Mostly known for Homer he is the greatest.

    Dan is one of the best voices for cartoons that I know of. He is hilarious and original. He so awesome as the voice of Homer. It makes me laugh every time I hear Homer Simpson's voice I could not imagine anyone else as that voice. He is great,he is probaly going to be great in the simpson's movie as well. I am so glad tht he is the voice for Homer. He is one of my personal favorite voices. I watch the simpsons all the time, I love it. I love dan Castellanta's work. that is why he is one of the greatest voices ever!!!!!!!1
  • Best on the show.

    (Simpsons Related)
    Back in the day, this would have been a 10/10! But sadly, the show has been declining. They just didn't know when to pull out. The show peaked during the late 90s, but since 2000 it has been on a downhill slope getting worse with every season. The plots are dull and don't seem to go anywhere filled with awful jokes.

    The jokes themselves are no longer original, but rather just follow the formula of older jokes and are written poorly. The voicework is still good, its just annoying seeing the same old jokes over and over. Homer is fat, Bart is dumb, Moe suicidal etc. Nothing is original anymore. And the wit is no longer there either.

    The show was good in its prime, but it has taken a huge fall. The movie coming out doesn't help anything.
  • empty

    Dan is one of the greatest talented voice actors in the history of voice acting. What else can I say, apart from... Mmm... Beer....?
  • He\'s awesome and C-O-O-L! The Simpsons!

    There\'s nothing much to say about Dan, other than that he\'s awesome!! He is one-of-the-all time greats. He is a talented voice actor on my favourite show, The Simpsons!
    He\'s original and unique! He is cool and I rate him a 10 out of 10! He also does other voicing too. Yup! Simpsons Rules! He\'s pretty cool guy. So umm! So, if you don\'t watch the Simpsons, you better start watching now. Dan also does the voices of favourite characters Homer, Willie, Sideshow Mel, Abe Simpsons and MORE! He also does voicing in Casper, Aladinn and even more. So overall, this guy is talented!
  • Original and talented!

    It's really amazing what ca he do with his voice!!! He plays a lot of roles in 'The Simpsons' , a famus series about a crazy family. His biggest role is also the biggest role in the series. He plays Hoer Simpson. He also played in 'Hey Arnold' and much, much more movies and series...
  • The original, but surpassed by Seth MacFarlane.

    Dan Castallaneta is the original male voice actor for adult cartoons, and even 17 years on he can still make me laugh like crazy, and his range of voice talents (he does Groundskeeper Willie!). His quotes are still fresh ("D'oh!" "I am so smart, I am so smart. S-M-R-T, I mean, S-M-A-R-T.") and are still hilarious all these years on.
    However, I do feel his skills have been surpassed by Seth MacFarlane. While most of his voices are different, they all have that same, rather gravelly undertone, with the main real difference being accents, where as MacFarlane can do almost any kind of voice and has Dan's variety of accents.
  • Homer all the way

    Its hard to really rate this person since I've only seen him doing very few actual acting seassions.
    But I can't give him bad grades because he is so versatile!
    I mean he does a dozen characters and he makes them sounds so great.
    I did see him doing a guest appearence in SG-1 and I just loved the episode.
    Such an interesting script and it felt like a poor barber that got a great story to tell about.
    Laughed my ass off when he discussed Mr Burns with Jack.. Mr Burns beeing a Goauld and all.. XD

    Simpsons isnt my all time favorite show but Dan sure tops my list of comic voice. Nobody can take Grandpa Simpson and Groundskeeper Willie down!
  • Simply put, One of the most diverse voices I\\\'ve heard

    I cannot get enough of this person, he just amazes me with his vocal abilities. Not only does he do voice acting, but he also does real acting. He is one of the funniest people I\\\'ve heard and seen. I hope that he keeps up the good work. He leaves me wondering what he will do next. I hope he does more acting because in his short cameos on some shows, he really steals the stage. It amazes me how high his voice is in comparison to the voice he does playing Homer from the Simpsons. An all time great...
  • awesome, hilarious actor

    Dan Castellanta is a brilliant actor. he is not only great in the simpsons, but outside the simpsons, he is also friggen hilarious. on the show "inside the actors studio", he along with all the other actors on the simpsons were absolutely brilliant. not only can dan castellanta preform well from a script, he can also improvise well too. he is truely great.

    Dan's work on The Simpsons playing the voice of Homer Simpson (and various) is absolutely halarious! He has some of the best catchphrases around.

    Mmm, doughnut
    Why you little....!

    You've got to love this dude's talent as a voice actor. I'm not really much into his other roles in other shows, but is role in The Simpsons is the best.
  • He Plays Homer Simpson

    Born In 1958 Dan Castenalta Became a Talented actor Around The Late 1980\\\'s He appeared On Tracy Ullam Show With Julie Kavner,Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smth on the 1 Minute Skits Called The Simpsons and Now Today the Simpson Have A 30 minute show on Fox Right Now They Might Be working On the Simpson Movie and Don\\\'t Forget D\\\'oh.
  • Homer Simpson... need I say more?

    Dan can voice the characters so well in the Simpsons that it truly is remarkable. Without Dan, Homer's D'oh! may sound completely different and for some unknown reason, Dan can also do a great drunk voice in every scene that Barney Gumble is in. Dan is a great contributor towards the Simpsons and also as the Robot Devil in Futurama who has a hard-to-mimic voice.

    With Dan voicing characters such as Krusty, Quimby and mst importantly, Homer, it shows what a great actor he is and can voice each character perfectly.
  • A superb voice actor mostly known for his role(s) on The Simpsons.

    Dan Castellaneta provides the voices for Homer Simpson, Mayor Quimby, Barney, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willy, and more on The Simpsons. I believe that he does all of these character's voices very well. He has a great voice-acting talent to be able to voice all of those people. He is extremely hilarious voicing all of them, but the Mayor and Barney's voices could be done better. I hope he stays to voice all of them for a while. He's a talented and funny voice actor.
    Sorry if this isn't all that good, but I'm not very good at reviewing people.
  • Dan Castellaneta

    Dan Castellaneta is one of the great voice actors. I heard his voice on several cartoons such as The Simpsons, Hey Arnold, Futurama and the Pink Panther cartoon series but in my opinion he is most known for doing Homer J Simpson in The Simpsons. He is a great actor and hope he stays with The Simpsons till the end.