Dan Dierdorf

Dan Dierdorf


6/29/1949, Canton, Ohio

Birth Name

Daniel Lee Dierdorf


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Dan Dierdorf returned to CBS Sports in 1999 as a game analyst for the CBS Television Network's of the NFL on CBS after having served as an analyst for ABC Sports' Monday Night Football. Dierdorf, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1996, will…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • The uncanny ability to grasp the obvious.

    Dan needs to go down the road. This is the worst commentator next to Theisman in the history of NFL commentators. I guess if you like someone that can spoon feed the obvious (ie. you know very little about football) -- this guy may be for you. Those that know little about football will love him. For those of us that can do without the "silly" comments he is not. He seems to focus on the teams he likes and down plays teams he dislikes. I believe in his mediocre career he took too many hits to the head and we are left with this individual.moreless
  • former NFL player applies his experience on the field to his commentation during his present broadcasting.

    I enjoy the dry humor Dan applies to his commentating during the games. He also has no problem stating his opinion, but it is with tact and no anger. Usually his observations are right on and he can be backed up with the play reviews. Dan keeps his composure without yelling or getting excessively joyous in his dialog too. I noticed the critical revies of the man. He may not be a Howard Cosell, but I think he simply feels comfortable with himself to not go to extremes in his presentation. He definitely knows his stuff and if it isn't his experience as a commentator, it will be his numerous appearances in the Pro Bowl.moreless