Dan Futterman

Dan Futterman


6/8/1967, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

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Danny Boy Futterman
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Dan was born in Maryland on June 8, 1967 and raised in Westchester, New York. Dan attended Columbia University, and graduated with a degree in English. He chose not to attend graduate school, instead deciding to follow an acting career. Dan's film debut was a small role in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Dan has homes in Los Angeles and New York and splits his time between the two cities.

    • Dan provided the voice for the audio book version of Evan Hunter's The Moment She Was Gone.

    • The Advocate magazine featured an interview with Dan in February 2001. The interview segment was titled 'Gay-acting straight man'.

    • As of 2006, Dan is working on a new film, A Mighty Heart, in which he plays the role of Daniel Pearl.

    • Dan has two daughters. His first, born in 2001 is named Sylvie Epstein Futterman, and his second daughter, born in 2005 is named Eve Futterman.

    • Dan's companion was Susan Floyd, who he appeared in Breathing Room with. He and Susan are no longer together.

    • In 1993 Dan replaced Joe Mantello in the role of Louis Ironside in the two-part Broadway production Angels in America. He had a featured role in the Off-Broadway production A Fair Country by Jon Robin Baitz in 1996, and in 1997 he had a role in the play Dealer's Choice. In 2002 Dan returned to the NYC stage in Further Than the Furthest Thing at the Manhattan Theater Company.

    • Danny was a miscellaneous crew member in the film The Cruise on 1998, as a unit driver as Danny Boy Futterman.

    • He won the Golden Space Needle Award for Best Actor in Seattle International Film for his performance in Urbania (2000).

    • Dan was nominated for an Oscar in the Adapted Screenplay category for his work on Capote. He has won numerous 'Best Screenplay' awards for Capote, including a WGA Award and an Independant Spirit Award (both in 2006).

    • He wrote the screenplay for 2005's Capote; directed by childhood friend Bennett Miller and starring another childhood friend, Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Hoffman walked away with an Oscar for the movie.

    • Dan's brother-in-law, Theo Epstein, is the Boston Red Sox general manager.

  • Quotes

    • Dan Futterman (On working with Angelina Jolie): That actress is truly one of my generation's great, great actors. I had a chance to see my friend Phil Hoffman perform up close a couple years ago. You think, "OK, I've had that experience, I can write that one down and tell it to my kids." Then two years later I'm acting with somebody who's giving that same sort of utterly transformational, beautifully emotional performance: incredibly smart; fine-tuned. I was completely knocked out by her.

    • Dan Futterman: The two biggest moments of my life were walking on-stage [as an actor] in Tony Kushner's Angels in America on opening night on Broadway. The second was being nominated for a screenplay Oscar along with him.

    • Dan Futterman: I did a semester at school in England and I hated it. So I told the people that were running the school that my brother had Leukaemia and was being treated in Paris, and that I was going to go stay with him. My brother was sort of aghast when he found out, and it was many years later when my parents found out why they got their money back.

    • Dan Futterman (Discussing sexual orientation): I don't want to seem too blase about it, but I guess I don't make too much of a deal out of it either. People are attracted to different people, and to me, it's all the same.

  • Your are a multiple threat!

    Remember Barry, the queer beard guy who was transformed later by Will and Jack into a \"My Fair Gentleman\"? He actually wrote the screenplay of Capote which is a masterpiece in my opinion. He was also the replacement of Joe Mantello's role of Louis in Angels in America on Broadway. Son of Robin Williams in the Birdcage, the funny gay-straight man for Charlotte whose feminine side was activated in Sex and the City and the "revengeful" Charlie in Urbania. Well, this is what we call a "multiple threat" to a TV/movie/on-stage actor who wrote a masterpiece as his screenwriting debut, got an oscar nomination and is good looking. Where can you find a man like THAT?moreless
  • Futterman is not only underrated but often over looked.

    Dan Futterman is wonderful, be it acting or writing he does amazing work.

    I had the opportunity to watch him work while he was filming the movie "Enough" and he was focused and took his job not himself seriously, . He took time for his fans and made no "star" demands.

    It was very exciting hearing he has been nominated for an Oscar for writing. And i'm keeping my fingers crossed. But I must admit I miss seeing him in my living room every week.moreless