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  • Your are a multiple threat!

    Remember Barry, the queer beard guy who was transformed later by Will and Jack into a \"My Fair Gentleman\"? He actually wrote the screenplay of Capote which is a masterpiece in my opinion. He was also the replacement of Joe Mantello's role of Louis in Angels in America on Broadway. Son of Robin Williams in the Birdcage, the funny gay-straight man for Charlotte whose feminine side was activated in Sex and the City and the "revengeful" Charlie in Urbania. Well, this is what we call a "multiple threat" to a TV/movie/on-stage actor who wrote a masterpiece as his screenwriting debut, got an oscar nomination and is good looking. Where can you find a man like THAT?
  • Futterman is not only underrated but often over looked.

    Dan Futterman is wonderful, be it acting or writing he does amazing work.
    I had the opportunity to watch him work while he was filming the movie "Enough" and he was focused and took his job not himself seriously, . He took time for his fans and made no "star" demands.
    It was very exciting hearing he has been nominated for an Oscar for writing. And i'm keeping my fingers crossed. But I must admit I miss seeing him in my living room every week.