Dan Green

Dan Green


2/7/1975, San Rafael, California

Birth Name

Thomas Wilson



Also Known As

Jay Snyder, Yari, Tom Wilson, Jack Bean
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Dan Green lives in New York and studied acting at Julliard before becoming a voice actor. He is most famous for his role as Yami/Yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh and for various 4Kids productions. Since becoming a voice actor, he has gotten into directing voice overs as well as script adaptation.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Good actor.

    Dan Green voices a lot of characters, it's hard to keep track of them all. He voiced Yugi preatty well in the original series. His voice as Knuckles is..so-so. I could go eiter way with him voicing Knuckles. In Sonic 06, even though the game was bad, I thought he voiced Mehpiles the Dark preatty well. He also is going to be the voice actor for Tetsu Ushio in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and it actually suits Ushio. He also has returned to voice for Pokemon, even though 4Kids no longer owns Pokemon. Dan Green is a good actor, but now he might just be voicing too many characters.moreless
  • Dan Green is a great voice actor.

    Dan Green is one of my favorite voice actors. He provides the voices of many memorable characters, and does a good job with expression. Shame he works for 4Kids but hes still a fantastic voice actor. The only problem is that many of his characters sound a bit similar. Yami and Knuckles sound very similar, and many of his characters, even if the similarity isn't so drastic, sound alot like Yami. When Knuckles talk, I just picture Yami speaking. He can vary his voice quite a bit though, such as when voicing Yugi Moto. The difference between Yugi and Yami's voice is amazing, yet Dan Green voices them both.moreless