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  • One of the best

    This guy sure has done a lot of stuff, but hey I'm not complaining.
  • Good actor.

    Dan Green voices a lot of characters, it's hard to keep track of them all. He voiced Yugi preatty well in the original series. His voice as Knuckles is..so-so. I could go eiter way with him voicing Knuckles. In Sonic 06, even though the game was bad, I thought he voiced Mehpiles the Dark preatty well. He also is going to be the voice actor for Tetsu Ushio in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and it actually suits Ushio. He also has returned to voice for Pokemon, even though 4Kids no longer owns Pokemon. Dan Green is a good actor, but now he might just be voicing too many characters.
  • Dan Green is a great voice actor.

    Dan Green is one of my favorite voice actors. He provides the voices of many memorable characters, and does a good job with expression. Shame he works for 4Kids but hes still a fantastic voice actor. The only problem is that many of his characters sound a bit similar. Yami and Knuckles sound very similar, and many of his characters, even if the similarity isn't so drastic, sound alot like Yami. When Knuckles talk, I just picture Yami speaking. He can vary his voice quite a bit though, such as when voicing Yugi Moto. The difference between Yugi and Yami's voice is amazing, yet Dan Green voices them both.
  • empty

    Dan Green is the best voice actor I've ever heard! I've met him and he's such a great guy! :D
  • An excellent voice actor in a poor dubbing company.

    Dan Green is not only a prolific voice actor for *gag* 4Kids, but he's also one of the very best VA's they've got with them, which is saying a LOT. The characters he can pull off, from the stern, serious and proud Yami/Atem to the young and gentle Yugi himself, almost always succeeds with believability shrouded in flying colors. I mean, he does Treeko, too. That's just bizarre!
    However, (regretably), I'm one of the many who finds he was miscast as Knuckles the Echidna, tending to add a greater degree of gruffness, and a seemingly older "age," to Knuckles' voice than necessary. He does, however, manage commendable emotion and believability to the situations at hand; I'll give him that.
    Overall, he's a talented VA in a company without enough of it. As long as he enjoys his job, which I doubt he doesn't, I urge him to keep on going. Great having you, Dan!
  • Love him! I absolutely adore Dan Green and his voice. However,... [read rest of review for my rant on 4Kids and how they exploit their VAs] He's my favorite VA. Go Dan!

    Can someone please give the guy a REAL job? Like a role on a Dreamworks picture or something? His voice is basically the whore for 4Kids and Kids WB. The guy is obviously talented and with his well-known voice, he could really go places. I feel like writing Dreamworks or some other big movie company about buying his contract from the 4Kids monster. He's been reduced to "And now back to [insert show here] on Kids WB!" and voicing really stupid characters on 4Kids's sad excuses for children's entertainment (I've seen crappy shows on Nick that were MUCH BETTER!). The guy needs a better job. He needs a manager who will prohibit him doing commercials for television. He needs guidance. But most of all... he needs respect, bigger roles and an agency that will pay him well for his above-average talents. Wouldn't it be nice to one day see Dan on the Red Carpet for a major movie role on a non-4Kids film? I certainly think so.
  • Well I'll admit I am a 4kids hater but they do have some good VA's like this

    Hoestly I'd never think Id say this but 4kids does have some good actors like Dan.I'm particualrly fond of his Yugi voice.He could make him sound exactly like a teenage boy with a nice deep voice for his alter ego.He's good at voices like kings or knights.Those are ones he can really pull off well.Somehow I think Sonic fans miht flame me for this but I actually tolerate his Knuckles voice.Overall I don't know how I can express this and make it 100 words since I'm almost already exchanged my opinion on this guy.He guest stars on Kappa Mikey,that's the only thing I can think off
  • One of my favorite voice actors.

    Dispite that Dan Green does the voice of Yami and Yugi of Yu-Gi-Oh, Dan Green is one of my favorite voice actors. But, he does other voices like Knuckles from Sonic The Hedgehog. He is a very funny person (I am listening to an interview by him right now), he does poke fun at his roles in Yu-Gi-Oh (Yami and Yugi) like in the interview I'm listening to, he says (in a Yami-style), "I'm going to do my laundry" ,"Pass the milk", or,"Would you like fries with that?". I don't like Yu-Gi-Oh, but I do like Dan Green (not only because he does the voice of Knuckles) as a voice actor.

  • Best VA ever!

    Dan Green is the best VA of all time, equal to Lisa Ortiz. He voices both sides of Yugi on Yu-Gi-Oh! and Knuckles in Sonic X and Sonic games. He's better at Knuckles than Scott Drier ever was. He makes Knux sound cooler and slightly more angry. I agree with all of you here. Dan Green is THE #1 VOICE ACTOR!
  • He should work for other dubbing companies.

    There's only one thing good with 4kids and that is its voice actors. Dan Green has voiced a lot of characters like Yugi from Yu-gi-oh. He's also done some work outside of 4kids. Alas, he probably won't do anything for Funimation, Viz or something like that. That's too bad for a voice like his. Doomed to work for third-rate kid's shows and ruined anime. Not only him, but a ton of voice actors sound very good and are on 4kids. If 4kids didn't destroy anime, it would be perfect. Dan Green is a good VA. His voice is just so deep.
  • Gasp! 4kids has good voice actors!

    Well, only two, and he's one of the two, next one being Mark. This guy is amazing. He does the best voices, especially for the dark and mysterious characters. He's the main reason 4kids still has a few fans left. He is awesome, simply a voice acting genious. He's perfect for Knuckles, great for Yugi and... well... great for every character he's done. I'm just glad he hasn't been used for any silly and 100% retarded characters, though. He doesn't belong in that field. He's one of the best voice actors of all time and the best to work for 4kids! He makes horrible dubbing companies look a tad bit acceptable.
  • Awesome voice, and he's the voice of Knuckles! What's not to like about this guy!

    Dan Green has an awesome voice. Everytime I hear it, I just think, "Wow, his voice suits that character really well." And it does. His voice of Knuckles is amazing. It sounds more like Knuckles would if you ask me. Plus, his other voices are good to. His voices on Pokemon are great, as for Yu-gi-oh, well I can't say I watch it, but from when I hear his voices on the commercials I think it fits. His voices on the rest of 4kids TV are great. And I hope to see much more of his voice in upcoming Sonic games!
  • Dan Green voices many characters for 4KIDS.

    Dan Green voices many different characters but his most noticible is his role as Yugi and Yami Yugi, or Pharoah Atem on Yu-Gi-Oh! He also voiced Knuckles the Echidna on Sonic X and not only that, but he voiced Treecko as well in Pokémon Advanced/Challenge/Battle. He even voiced Timeaus in Yu-Gi-Oh! Waking the Dragons!
  • O.o...Oops O.O'..sorry. I like his voice..Keep on diong it Dan !! Its great..^_^..(btw im not a crazy fangirl O.o') im just impressed how you do the voices!! i wanna learn it to! Teach me! LOLZZ O.o' ^_^ Just kidding..

    ^_^..Hello...im making a review...um..ive heard..That HE *see above O.o'* is the voice actor...who speaks in Yugi,Yami..and stuff....his voice is incredible....ive watched the dutch version of Yu-Gi-oH! aswell..but in the dutch..the voices are to childish..i dont like that so much..^_^..but hey..im glad the americans did a good thing by putting Dan Green as Yugi And Yami..,and probably..he had more characters..to voice act..*or how you say that..*....i watched every single Yu-Gi-oH! episode O.o'..i know.. sound snuts eh?...but..i hope Dan Green makes a normal movie..someday..like in a Action movie..XD..haha..
    sorry for this long..review..*i wanna meet Dan Green XD* sounds great..O.o' ive seen some girls crazy about him..thats nuts..O.o'..i would just like to have a picture of him or something like that XDhaha..(oowh and yeah im dutch..can you see that?)..ugh..well ive gotta go..ill review some more if i have time lol..XD ^_^
    Bye..Greetings From Marye!
  • Perhaps the best VA out there today. Especially for everyone's most hated company

    Dan Green really is probably the best VA out there today. He should have a bigger job than just sticking around at 4Kids HQ. Now I'm not a big hater of 4Kids but he needs to have bigger roles and be more mentioned. He has that deep and utmostly strong voice that makes him perfect for Yami Yugi/Yugi and a pretty good Knuckles! He would do a good job with almost any character who requires a deep voice. He amazes me with those roles and he's so cool! I could hardly ever get tired of listening to his voice because he knows how to capture the character he plays. Most of the good shows on 4Kids are gone or going but I hope his voice sticks around for quite some time.
  • Best voice for Yugi, and pretty good on Knuckles.

    Dan Green is one of my all-time favorite voice actors. He does a really great job voicing animes like Yami from the show Yu-Gi-Oh! On Sonic X, he voices Knuckles, and he makes him sound cool. This rating is mainly for Yugi's voice but the review is for Knuckles' voice. Dan Green makes Knuckles sound cool, he has a good tone, especially how he does his growls or yells. But there are little times when he can make Knuckles sound less sure of himself. Dan Green is really talented, but I think that Scott Dreier did a better job vocing as Knuckles, but he is still good as his voice.
  • Talented. No, but I think he's the next Mel Blanc.

    King of Anime Voices!!! Never knew one man could do so much. He must of been a fan of Rich Little as a kid. I am a huge anime fan and now i have a great game to play with my collection. It's called finding Dan. His voice is the best. And perfect for the Pharaoh on Yugioh. If I had to choose which voice is better his or Kaiba's. His is the winner hands down. Now I just have to find some of his other work to complete my collection. Keep up the good work, Dan. You Rock!
  • Good as Yugi, but not as Knuckles.

    There are few animes I like from 4Kids that are dubbed by them, and on many of the the voices sound bad and out of character, however on Yu-Gi-Oh! to me it's the only show where I think some of the voices were improved from the Japanese version. While I still find the edits annoying and over done, I do like the voice this person gives both Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi, so I definatly give him great credit for that.

    For Knuckles however, he ruined him, he sounds WAY to simular to Yami and killed the uniqeness of Knuckles' voice (well Sonic X is the anime I HATE most of the dub version) His old voices from the games sounded closer to his Japanese voice and much cooler.

    While this voice actor is good, I give him a 7.1 out of 10.0
  • OMG!!...Tsuzuki Asato from Descendats of Darkness...he\'s so cute and mysterious at the same time. Dan Green does a great job in showing his character....

    OMG!!...Tsuzuki Asato from Descendats of Darkness...he\'s so cute and mysterious at the same time. Dan Green does a great job in showing his character....Also in Yu-gi-oh...yugi/yami ...great job!!!...never realized he did both voices until now...^_^...well..i love his deep voice and mystery, with a touch of cuteness he gives the characters...
  • OMG...I love his voice...especially doing Atem from YGO

    Heck...when my anime comes out, I would personally hire him to do the voice of Yahweh God (and sound like Atem or Yami from YGO)But seriously Dan, do you have rabid fangirls following you around just to hear your voice? Because you seem to do the voice acting for all of 4Kids shows. Love your voice...but hate their dubbing. But seriously, I would hire you personally.
  • Voices Knuckles on Sonic X.

    It was kinda hard to recognize Dan Green at first. Why? I kinda got him and Jason Anthony Griffith mixed up. Heh. But now i know who is who. Dan Green voices Knuckles and Jason Anthony Griffith voices Sonic and Shadow. Definatly one of the best voice actors out there.
  • Dan is the man!

    Dan green voices my most favorite anime star,Yugi muto!It's amazing how he can make yugi and yami yugi sound so brilliant and different!He also voices knuckles the echidna,one of my favorite sonic the hedgehog characters!He makes knuckles sound real tough like he was meant to be voiced!I wish mr.dan green good luck on sonic x,yu-gi-oh,the sonic video games,and sonic riders!
  • Only a truly tallented voice artist can make two people sound so so different, of course i mean Yu-Gi-Oh\'s Yugi Mutou and Yami Yugi I had no idea until just recently so thats proof :o)He is my personal favorite

    What can I say? Dan Green is probably my favourite anime voice artist ever... When I found out that he was the talent behind Yugi Mutou and Yami Yugi i was shocked... he does the whole mysterious thing perfectly you cant even tell the difference between Yami and Yugi. Its like you can feel everything the character is feeling. I liked the voice of Yami Yugi even before i knew that it was him doing Yugi\'s as well... Noone could take his place in whatever role he does the voices for so ill just say well done!! we love you!! :o)
  • Well, his voice is charming anyway, whenever he plays someone who's kind of mysterious.

    I think Dan Green is one of the best animé voice actors because he has such a great range of characters that he can play.

    My first time encountering him... as with many others, was on Yu-Gi-OH, when he does his most brilliant work. He does two characters, Yugi and Yami Yugi. I mean, incredible. He does both voice: that knocked my socks off. Nobody could ever do Yami Yugi as well as him.

    Not only that, but he also did the voice for Mewtwo, Lugia and Entei in the Pokémon movies. Even though I saw them before I knew who he was. Now that I know that, he's even more brilliant. Nobody could do Lugia like him ever.

    The best part is that he still does a movie in the Yu-Gi-Oh series as Syrus. I had a feeling that was him becasue the voice was so much like Yugi's... plus Syrus has Yugi's eyes, but just has flat, blue hair... but its animé, you gotta have someone with blue hair in animé.

    I hope that he keeps up with his voice acting after Yu-Gi-Oh. Animé won't be the same without his mysterious, powerful "Yami Yugi" voice
  • He is the Paul Frees of anime.

    In case you weren't familiar with the name in the summary, Paul Frees provided the voice for just as many roles as Dan Green. A still-extant work of his remains enshrined today at the Disneyland attraction "The Haunted Mansion" where he is the voice behind "The Ghost Host".

    (If I had my way . . . I'd have Disney "Imagineers" sonically re-do the ride and have Dan Green as "The Ghost Host")

    Like Frees, Green has incredible range and equally talented delivery of his lines. Also, like Frees, you could barely recognize that the voice of one character is the voice of another. His role as Yugi is an exellent example.

    The first role that made me 'familiar' with him was 'Mewtwo' in 'Mewtwo Returns'. Then, I watched Yu-Gi-Oh out of curiosity and noticed the similarity.
  • Well i first heard him on Yu-Gi-Oh! as the voice of Yugi and Yami when i learnt that he played both i was amazed how well he could make the two charaters sound completly different He does a wonderful job with the voices, you can't even regonize it

    Dan Green does a great job.
    You can really tell just by listening to his voice that he works hard at his carrer at a voice actor

    I've become a quite a fan of his and he can do such great voices such as innocent yugi to someone mysterious such as Yami.

    The only voices that sounnded alike that i heard or i thik anyone has really heard was as Yugi and Prince Sky

    For other roles he playes you have to actually look it up on the internet or squint your eyes and look at the ending credits.
  • He does an amazing job for all of his voices.

    My favorite role that he has is that he voices Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi in yu-gi-oh. He plays those characters great. It is just amazing how he can change his mood for each character that he plays. Like Silva on Shaman King, it is just amazing how he can set different moods for Silva and Yugi. He also plays Entei on Pokemon 3 the Movie. It was just awesome how he captures the emotion and love of Entei. He is my second favorite VA of 4Kids' cast.
  • Dan Green done a alot of voice for anime when I hear him he sound like the charter is feeling

    Dan Green did a wonferful job as Yami Yugi no one csn\\\'t do Yami better than Dan Green . And when he did Shaman King as Sliva I did\\\'t noticed it was the voice of Yami that was so cool he gona to do more in the futher and i think he do more
  • Such a wonderful voice actor. Excellente!

    Ok,I have no idea where to begin. I'm going to just come out and say it. I know I'm probably going to sound like some crazed fan, but w/e. I simply LOVE Dan Green's voice. I mean how he can change pitch to match the characters personality, it's just wonderful. The very first time I heard his voice was when I was watching Yu-gi-oh. At first I wasnt so sure becuase I only heard Yugi, but then Yami came out and it was like..."Whoa...so wonderful." After that I searched everywhere to see where he did voice acting. Sometimes I'd only watch the show just to hear his voice. Yami, Yugi, Tsuzuki, Sabre, Lee Pai Long, Knuckles, NME Salesman, Silva. So wonderful. I just think that everything he does is so well.
  • What I have to say is in the reveiw.

    Dan Green is a awsome voice over. When I read other voices he did it was hard to believe that he did all those other voices and I have heard those voices and they don\'t sound like Yugi or Atem to me. I think is so cool how he is able to change his voice for different characters! The only time I recinized he was doing the voice was in Winx Club.