Dan Haggerty





11/19/1941 , Pound, WI

Birth Name

Gene Jajonski




Dan Haggerty has been involved in "show business" one way or another, for most of his adult life. In his youngers, Haggerty worked behind the scenes, more often than not. He built custom vehicles for film productions (most notably, the motorcycles used in "Easy Rider"), did stunt work, set decoration, and did a stint as an animal trainer. During this period, Haggerty had a few uncredited roles as an extra, but nothing that made him stand out in a crowd. Then he landed the main role in a film called "Frontier Fremont" and this film led to the most famous role of his career, "Grizzly Adams". The series only lasted a couple of seasons, but brought Haggerty a lasting fame. Today, Dan Haggerty continues to make low-budget family films and gives a great deal of his time to charitable causes such as the Special Olympics.