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    • Dan Haggerty now does personalized videos with any individual willing to make the trek to his homebase. The videos must be of family content and Mr. Haggerty uses the funds generated from these videos for his charitable causes.

    • Dan Haggerty has stated that his favorite type of films to make are those with an outdoor theme that can be viewed by the entire family.

    • Dan Haggerty has been the national spokesperson for Ralston Purina, Nestea, Wheat Chex, and Del Monte Foods over the years.

    • Dan Haggerty was awarded The Dove Foundation, "Diamond Seal Of Approval Award", for selling more than a million videos that are of family theme and content.

    • Dan Haggerty is an accomplished artist. His works range from paintings to sculptures to etchings.

    • Dan Haggerty is featured as a character in Al Franken's book "Why Not Me?"

    • Dan Haggerty is the celebrity spokesperson for "Young Adventurers,Inc.", a non-profit organization that is devoted to building character in youths.

    • Dan Haggerty won a People's Choice Award in 1980 for most popular television actor.

    • Dan Haggerty was injured with attempting to consume an alcoholic drink drink called a "Flaming Eddy". Mr. Haggerty received facial burns and filming on the second season of his series "Grizzly Adams" had to be shutdown while he recuperated. He was, reportedly, "into his cups" (drunk) when the accident happened.

    • Dan Haggerty was a bodybuilder in the early 1960s.

    • Dan Haggerty has a great love of cooking. He has bottled and sold his own brand of barbecue sauce that was made from his own recipe and opened "Haggerty's Bistro" in Studio City, California in 1991.

    • Dan Haggerty customized all the motorcycles that were used in the film "Easy Rider."

    • Dan Haggerty has been married twice. His first marriage in 1959 was to Diane Rooker and it ended in divorce in 1984, but not before producing daughters Tracey and Tammy. Mr. Haggerty's second marriage was to Samantha in 1984 and has produced sons Dillon and Cody and daughter Megan.

    • Dan Haggerty has had his problems with the law. He served 90 days in jail in 1984 for selling cocaine.

    • Dan Haggerty has also worked as an animal trainer and a stuntman. He did many of his own stunts on his series, "Grizzly Adams".

    • Dan Haggerty is the only person to ever have a star removed from The Hollywood Walk of Fame. This happened when a star was awarded to actor Don Haggerty and the name spelled on the star was Dan instead of Don. Mr. Dan Haggerty was later awarded a star in his own right on The Hollywood Walk of Fame for television. Mr. Dan Haggerty's star is located at 7060 Hollywood Blvd.

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