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  • I never really appreciated him as a kid, but looking back on it...

    Dan Hennessey is quite possibly, one of the best voice-overs I had even had the pleasure to listen to. I never really realized how much work he did in some of my childhood favorites... Such as Little Bear, C.O.P.S, Care Bears...

    When I was younger, they were just voices... The characters never really had anyone contributing their voices... the charatcers were "real" when I was young, which is probably why Dan Hennessey is so underappreciated.

    Dan Hennessey has done some awsome work in the past, and I hope he will continue to do so in the future. He is a wonderful voice-over, and makes every character beleivable. I must admit, Braveheart Lion and Father Bear have always been two of my favorite characters, mainly because they were not so hard to beleive in! So for the sake of future generations, lets all hope the talented Dan Hennessey will continue his work in childrens entertainment... I have not yet seen one cartoon he contributed to, that I didn't like... but then again, I haven't seen "Totally Spies" yet, either.