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Dan Karaty

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  • Dan Karaty is a Choreographer on Season ...
  • Dan Karaty is a Choreographer on Season ...
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After making his Broadway debut in "Footloose," began dancing with Britney Spears and has appeared on the "MTV Awards" and the Billboard Music Awards. Karaty has also choreographed videos and tours for Jessica Simpson, Kylie Minogue, 'N SYNC and Britney Spears.


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  • He's a bad choreographer, but a good judge.

    Dan Karaty, what can I say? He's pretty much already made it big, but I hope he doesn't get any further. And I am not just saying this to be mean. He offers good criticsm as a judge, and puts thing straight, but so does everyone else on the show and that doesn't make him stand out at all. His choreography is usually horrible in my opinion, they always put the couple in the bottom 3. Here are the examples. Musa and Natalie. Anya and Danny. And Lacey and Kameron, who got horrible reviews from the judges because mostly of the choreography when they did an amazing job. They made it out of the bottom 3 because they deserved it though. Back to Dan, his choregraphy isn't really original, most of the times it's some Boy Chase Girl theme, or vice versa, it is just too repetitive to watch. Oh, and the big choreography routine that he created that I loathe is Snow and Ryan's hip hop, they were my two favorites of that season and Dan pretty much got Snow eliminated. Arg.moreless
  • there is no proper classification for dan. he is by far one of the most intelligent judges i've ever seen on a reality show, and has the perfect personality for it, he's honest, straight up, and his critisisms are always constructive.moreless

    i think that dan is probably the best judge on the show, even though some of his comments may come off as being harsh, that's his job as a judge, if he doesn't tell it like it is then how is he helping these dancers improve... he would just be setting them up for failure, not to mention that when you work in the entertainment industry people don't have time to sugar coat everything. dance should ultimately be about desire and personal passion, but ultimately everything comes down to time and money, and if you can't provide there are 100 other people who can and will. if dan couldn't provide for his clients, then they would hire someone else, and judging by his long list of credits he obviously has some brains about what he does. besides,the comments he makes on the show are ALWAYS truthful and spoken in a constructive manner, it's ovious that he doesn't take personal pleasure in putting a person down, it's just part of his job. and P.S., the hotpants workout.... is the BEST thing that ever happened to me. I had a really bad car accident in which i injured my back. as a result of the accident my weight dropped to about 80 pounds and i completely lost any sense of a figure. his workout was challenging but still easy for me to get through, and i totally regained my figure as a result. THANK U DAN!!!! The only problem now, is that i misplaced it during a change of address and i can't seem to get my hands on another copy, i'm so dissapointed, i can't workout unless i'm having fun doing it (running on a treadmile or pedaling a bike is not fun b/c you're not getting anyhwere) but that tape has been the only thing that's ever gotten me, it's not a workout, you're just dancing and the exercise you get from it is just a bonus... it's great. any ideas on how i can get my hands on another one, let me know PLEASE , triciamatteo@hotmail.com. and by the way, does anyone know if dan can be hired for dance instruction?moreless