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    • Patrick: We keep promoting or electing the same people and nothing changes. This whole mentality of the go along to get along in Austin is not resolving anything.

    • Patrick: They realize it's a 73 percent Republican district. What you are dealing with is two good people who realize there is no sense in keeping me from making a living. I'm the only one during the (primary) campaign who had to give up his job.

    • Patrick: We were asking for support, meaning we wanted their vote. Apparently in the world of politics in Austin, the spell support 'm-o-n-e-y.' If we had asked for money, we would have written 'We appreciate a contribution,' and would have included a return address envelope.

    • Patrick: You don't have to vote for me to get breakfast. I am so humbled by the encouragement and support of the grassroots voters. I owe everything to the voters. If we win the election, it is not about me, it is about them wanting change.

    • Patrick: I'm not in favor of allowing a foreign contractor to come in a build a toll road using eminent domain.

    • Patrick: The perception is that these kids are not waving American flags and standing for a better America. These kids are denouncing America. They're demanding that America change their laws, give them free health care, give them free education? that it's their right.

    • Patrick: The purpose of the letter was to let his contributors know he was 40 points behind and also to let them know that they should not participate in giving money to someone who is running an attack campaign.

    • Patrick: If we don't, we could end up with Democrats in the Legislature and, Heaven forbid, a liberal like Chris Bell for governor.

    • Patrick: The revolution started tonight. The people of SD7 want their party to stand up and take action on the issues that are important to them. I hope Republicans in Austin realize this is not isolated to SD7.

    • Patrick: I guess he must be referring to me.

    • Patrick: His attack focused on companies formed 20 years ago that either did no business or had no tax due. If a company does not file a report at the end of the year indicating it is no longer in business or has no tax due, then it shows up as not in good standing.

    • Patrick: For the people in Spring, the Grand Parkway is a big issue, but it doesn't have an impact on the people in Katy and Memorial. Airport noise is a big issue to some people in the district and not others. I want to help the people resolve both issues. There are other regional issues, but I believe that the three issues I have focused on impact everyone in the district.

    • Patrick: I have proposed to lower the appraisal cap from 10 percent to three percent on all residential property for the last seven years. We cannot increase a person's property tax every year at three times the rate of inflation. People cannot keep up under our current appraisal system. In just about 20 years, the average home in Texas will be valued at nearly $1 million with a $30 thousand a year tax bill. We must reign in state spending which is up 45 percent in five years.

    • Patrick: I shared with him that I understood the dilemma he was in — that no matter what decision he made, his opponents would find a reason to criticize him — but that if he used the surplus and increased taxes on business, not only would they criticize him, but he would risk losing his base.

    • Patrick: For him to win in November in a four-person race, he must keep the base.