Dan Payne

Dan Payne


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Daniel Boyd Payne



Also Known As

Daniel Payne, Daniel Boyd Payne
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Dan was born in Victoria, B.C. and attended the University of Calgary, where he joined the varsity volleyball team. From this, he moved on to playing professional volleyball in Holland, then moved to Australia to join his brother. He took up a new career there, becoming a professional…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He is 6'4".

    • Another masked role was that of the polar bear in The Snow Queen. He was able to see using video glasses connected to a camera mounted in the bear's nose.

    • Dan Payne has played several roles on Stargate SG-1 including several Jaffa and the most famous one being the Super Soldier/Kull Warriors. When he guest starred on Stargate Atlantis, he was the template for the Wraith drones in the pilot and then as Lt. Reed in "Duet". In season 3 he played the Big Wraith that captured Ronon in the episode "Sateda".

    • Dan Payne has been in two Muppet movies, The Muppets' Wizard of Oz and It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas.

    • Dan Payne is addicted to ice hockey and his favorite NHL team is the Vancouver Canucks.

  • Quotes

  • Very diverse and extremely talented.

    Dan Payne is the father, John MacLeod, on CTV's "Alice, I Think", and this review is based mostly on that role.

    Dan Payne plays John extremely well; he's the grown up hippy who never really grew up, and is dependant on his wife to support him while he "does his own thing." He's a laid-back character, and likes to drink beer and listen to music. His parenting skills are somewhat lacking, but his wife is always there to help out. In reading his biography, it seems that Dan is extremely talented in other areas as well; having had a few careers before his acting began. It's amazing all that he's done. He should be in more shows.moreless