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  • Wrote "Psycho Cop 2".

    Psycho Cop 2, aka Psycho Cop Returns is my all time favorite "unknown" movie. Can't they release it unrated on DVD soon? The current DVD release is seriously cut to pieces, you don't even get to see the penicl impale the eyeball. Anyway, Dan Povenmire wrote Psycho Cop 2, also, he's worked on Family Guy and Phineas and Ferb. Two shows I really enjoy as well. He also voiced one of the main characters in the latter show. The man is really talented. And again, where the heck is my unrated Psycho Cop 2 DVD fix? My VHS is getting a little rusty.moreless
  • DAN "The Dude"

    Having met and spoken with Povenmire personally, I do have to say that not only is this man talented, he's also funny, sweet, and very, VERY intelligent. Not to mention he's one good lookin' guy. Oh- and I'm sad to see that this site hasn't mentioned that he worked on Spongebob Squarepants. CREDIT HIM!

    If he has time, he personally answers any questions fans (or foes) approach him with. He can draw a character in less than a minute (I've seen this happen.) His sense of humor is unmatchable, and he brings a lot of wit and insight to the shows he works on.

    You can definately tell when Dan has worked on an episode of Family Guy, Rocko, or Spongebob. It has that Dan flair to it.

    Keep on rockin', man...keep on rockin.moreless