Dan Redican




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"Dan Redican, (The Globe and Mail describes him as "a big funny lug") is
one of the founding member of the Frantics Comedy Troupe, whose short
lived CBC/Showtime series, Four On the Floor was a cult hit, around the
world. He has performed across Canada, and can currently be seen as Dan
Barlowe, on the hit Comedy Channel TV series Puppets Who Kill, a show
he also Story Edits and for which he has also written. (He's the one
who's not a puppet). On the production end, Dan was Supervising
Producer of The Kids In the Hall. Since then he has written and/or
produced a number of American and Canadian television shows, such as
MTV's The Jenny McCarthy Show, and Lyricist Lounge, USA Network's The
War Next Door, TBS's Chimp Channel. GLOBAL's Blackfly, and CBC's "Just
For Laughs." Dan describes himself as "chunky", but he isn't fooling