Dan Renzi




Birth Name




Dan is incredibly gregarious and outgoing. He was worked since the age of 15, and had been the editor of the Rutgers student paper for two years. Passionate about the challenges his generation faces, 21-year-old Dan is involved in many causes, including world economics, gay rights and environmental studies. In Miami, he becomes a model and faces a new challenge when his new boyfriend reveals he's still in the closet.

DAN graduated from Rutgers University and has had various jobs: a successful runway and print fashion model in the U.S. and overseas, an actor in the Chicago company of "Making Porn," a field researcher with the Los Angeles Dept. of Epidemiology charting new HIV infection in Southern California, the director of the AIDS/HIV program at the Kansas City gay and lesbian center, and a model scout with a major Chicago-based agency. After finishing the recent Extreme Challenge, Dan moved back to Los Angeles and is currently working with the Princeton Review helping disadvantaged youths prepare for SAT tests.